Italian 20 Lira Gold Coins

Italian 20 Lira gold coins are highly collectable pieces due to their historical importance, while also possessing intrinsic value based on how much gold they contain.

These coins feature the obverse portrait of King Victor Emmanuel II, who became Italy’s new herald in 1861 and later his successor Umberto I who reigned until he was assassinated in 1900.


The 20-lira coin is an affordable gold investment option with significant historical and intrinsic value, perfect for all individuals. At just EUR3, its smaller size makes it more accessible as an asset in one’s retirement or investment portfolio.

These gold coins feature Victor Emmanuel II as the image on their obverse, representing the Kingdom of Italy. He became its first King in 1861 until his assassination in 1900.

This gold coin was produced to commemorate the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in 1978. FAO works towards ending hunger worldwide while encouraging global agricultural development. With its intricate design, limited mintage, and exceptional condition features it stands as a unique piece of numismatic history – reminding us all of Turkey’s geographic and cultural bridge qualities across continents.


The gold lira has an extensive history. First introduced to Ottoman Empire during their rule until 1922 when replaced by Turkish kurus coins; it remains popularly used today and can even be found as part of an investment or retirement account.

The 20 lira was first issued in Italy in 1861, following suit with its French and Swiss counterparts in terms of weight and size. Minted across Italy – such as Florence, Milan, Naples and Turin – its obverse featured either Victor Emmanuel II from 1861-1878 as reigning king or Umberto I who served as Duke of Savoy before becoming first King of a united Kingdom of Italy upon its creation in 1878.

Coins are an increasingly popular investment choice for IRA accounts, but their condition plays an essential role in their value. Collectors prefer coins with undamaged surfaces because the condition of gold coins reveals much about their overall integrity.


Italian 20 lira gold coins are popular globally as bullion coins because of their historical relevance. Their release heralded a modern, unified kingdom and monarchy that emerged during the late 1800s; Victor Emanuel, its inaugural monarch is featured on its obverse while its reverse features Umberto I, who served as Duke of Savoy before becoming King himself until his assassination in 1900.

Turkey’s unique geographical position as an interconnecting point between Europe and Asia has had a profound influence on both its history and culture, which explains why its 500 lira Gold 1978 PF FAO coin is held in such high regard among numismatists. Boasting intricate design features, limited mintage numbers, and superior condition – it embodies Turkey’s dedication to global food security and agricultural development efforts.

Though these coins are popular with collectors worldwide, they do not meet the IRS standard of 99.5 gold fineness to qualify as retirement or investment accounts. Still, they offer an affordable way for anyone wanting to add gold into their investments or collections.


Purity of gold used to craft lira coins is integral to their value. Coins made with higher purity exhibit a rich, vibrant shine that draws the eye, while they also boast sharp details and flawless appearances.

No matter your reason for collecting gold coins or investing or saving for retirement, investing in high-quality Italian 20 Lira Gold Coins would make an excellent addition. Not only are these pieces highly sought-after by collectors worldwide, but their market price fluctuates alongside global gold prices as an added value to any collection.

The 20 lira gold coin displays the image of Italy’s reigning king on its obverse and displays his national coat of arms on its reverse. These coins are produced at various locations in Italy and contain almost one fifth of an ounce (.1867 oz). Their size and weight make them comparable with popular Swiss and French 20 Franc Angel coins.

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