OUNZ provides access to physical bullion with minimal hassle for investors. Investors can redeem OUNZ shares for delivery or cash proceeds equivalent to the number of shares cashed in.

The ounce (or onza) is an internationally recognized avoirdupois unit of mass. Specifically, its mass is 28.349523125 grams; thus it can be found widely used throughout the world.

What is OUNZ?

OUNZ is an exchange traded fund (ETF) backed by physical gold that tracks the performance of the LBMA Gold Price PM ($/oz).

OUNZ ETF provides investors with an efficient means of gaining exposure to physical gold – the timeless investment asset. OUNZ is an alternative to State Street’s SPDR Gold Trust (GLD).

GLD and OUNZ are passively managed funds that track the performance of gold bullion. Their main distinction lies in that OUNZ allows investors to take delivery of physical gold when redeeming shares, while GLD does not. OUNZ sources its physical gold from London Bars which are stored with its Custodian. When investors take delivery of OUNZ shares they will exchange it for physical one ounce bars or coins such as American gold buffalo coins, Australian kangaroo coins or Canadian maple leaves (for which an Exchange Fee applies).

Who can invest in OUNZ?

OUNZ provides investors with an efficient and hassle-free method of investing in gold bullion, with physical delivery available upon redeeming shares. Investors may select one-ounce bars as well as coins such as American gold buffalo/eagle coins, Australian gold kangaroo coins or Canadian maple leaves to meet their investment goals.

When selling OUNZ, investors will receive cash (in addition to any securities they’ve sold), similar to selling stock or bond ETFs. For investors wishing to take physical delivery, they must submit a Share Submission Date along with their broker, along with an approved Delivery Application form faxed directly from OUNZ Trustee and prior to its repurchase deadline. Our calculator offers several possible dates; however, please keep in mind that Share Submission Date must take place during a regular business day (not on weekends or holidays) prior to its repurchase deadline.

Investment in OUNZ requires payment of an Exchange Fee that covers the costs associated with exchanging OUNZ shares for London Bars stored at the Trust vault, as well as their conversion into coins or smaller bars that investors prefer for delivery. No Delivery Fee will be assessed to destinations within the US.

How can I invest in OUNZ?

Gold Exchange Traded Funds can be an excellent addition to a portfolio as an insurance against inflation, currency devaluation and economic unpredictability. However, due to being concentrated in one sector they may also incur more risk than investing in more broadly diversified funds.

VanEck Merk Gold Trust ETF (OUNZ) provides investors with an appealing alternative, providing the ability to redeem shares for physical bullion at any time. Coupled with OUNZ’s track record in tracking gold prices and its correlation to its precious metal counterpart, OUNZ makes for an attractive investment option.

Investors seeking delivery must submit a short Delivery Application through their broker and have it approved by the Trustees before being allowed to make submission of shares for delivery. ETF websites feature a Delivery Calculator that helps investors determine which dates may be most favorable for approval of their application, so review this feature close to their desired Delivery Date to ensure all associated fees have been understood by investors.

How can I take delivery of my gold?

Investors seeking physical gold delivery should follow three steps. First, they will need to submit and fill out a Delivery Application Form with their broker, followed by paying an Exchange Fee covering the cost of converting London Bars into coins or smaller bars suitable for delivery, then an Insurance and Shipping Fee covering costs related to transporting physical precious metals shipments.

VanEck Merk Gold Trust stands out among ETFs by giving investors the option to redeem their shares for physical bullion, making it an attractive addition to an investment portfolio and helping protect against severe inflation. This unique feature allows investors to diversify risk while also protecting against serious inflationary threats.

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