OUNZ – How to Take Delivery of Your Gold With OUNZ

OUNZ offers investors a revolutionary new way to buy and store gold. As the first ETF of its kind, this ETF allows investors to exchange their shares for physical gold at any time.

Investors should use the calculator to ascertain how many shares are needed in order to closely match the quantity of gold that they wish to take delivery of, which will reduce any exchange-related Cash Proceeds requirements.

What is OUNZ?

OUNZ is an exchange traded fund (ETF) sponsored by VanEck Merk Gold Trust which offers investors an efficient, cost-effective and liquid method of investing in physical gold. OUNZ gives shareholders the option to redeem their shares in exchange for physical delivery by redeeming them against physical bullion bullion bullion directly from VanEck Merk.

The ounce is an imperial and United States customary unit of weight, equivalent to 28.349523125 grams (g). The kilogram, its metric counterpart, was named for its inventor Blaise Pascal. Additionally, it can also be used to measure volumetric measurements such as food portions, postal items, areal density of paper/fabric, boxing gloves etc. Additionally, OUNZ calculator provides you with estimated Share Submission Dates, while more specific dates may become available closer to submission time due to pre-approval requirements.

How do I take delivery of my gold?

OUNZ makes taking delivery of gold easy and straightforward. Unlike traditional ETFs, OUNZ allows investors to redeem shares at any time for physical bullion; each share corresponds to one troy ounce of gold stored segregatedly in class 3 vaults in the United States with 24/7 surveillance, armed guards, and full replacement insurance coverage.

The fund offers an easy calculator on its website to assist with selecting which type and quantity of gold to deliver to you, along with an outline of any cash proceeds received for redemption of shares.

The fund’s patented process for distributing physical gold to investors adheres to stringent guidelines designed to minimize cash distribution with physical bullion, so it is imperative that investors submit shares that closely correspond to their requested quantity of Fine Ounces of gold for delivery.

What are the fees associated with taking delivery of my gold?

If you decide to take physical delivery of your OUNZ shares, additional processing and delivery fees may apply. These charges cover the costs associated with preparing and transporting gold to you.

Note that here we refer to troy ounce, which weighs exactly 28.349523125 g and is used by several countries including the US as the standard unit of weight measurement. In other parts of the world, avoirdupois pounds may also be referenced when discussing weight.

At OUNZ, it’s vitally important that the number of shares submitted for delivery closely match the requested Fine Ounces of gold. We have developed an easy-to-use calculator which lets you determine exactly how many ounces your OUNZ shares represent before taking you directly to our application where you can select how much gold would like delivered and cash out any partial shares as needed.

How do I get started?

When taking delivery of OUNZ shares, there are a few points that must be kept in mind when taking delivery. First and foremost is to make sure your broker has pre-approved your application to take delivery, after which you will need to complete and sign page two of the Delivery Applicant Share Submission Form that your broker will fax over with OUNZ shares that need delivery.

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