Precious Metals in an IRA

Precious metals in an IRA account offer investors a way to diversify retirement savings; however, investors should keep in mind that precious metals tend to be more costly than other IRA assets.

Physical metals like gold and silver have proven themselves dependable in times of economic turmoil, providing many with a safe haven investment option that makes sense in an IRA portfolio.


An investment in precious metals requires the services of a custodian who handles both storage and transaction of physical metal, which may make it more expensive than other retirement options. But this form of asset diversification provides great protection from future economic crises or currency inflation.

Reputable gold IRA companies typically offer an assortment of coins and bars. Furthermore, they provide secure storage of metals in an IRS-approved depository and feature expert staff that can assist in making informed choices for your investment portfolio.

One of the easiest and best ways to find a precious metals IRA company is to consult its customer reviews and ratings. This will give you an accurate idea of their services’ quality; high-pressure sales tactics should be avoided as should companies that offer educational resources like Augusta Precious Metals do.


An IRA is an excellent vehicle to hold various assets, including precious metals. Precious metal investments have long provided protection from inflation while diversifying a portfolio and offering stability during times of uncertainty in the economy.

Retirement savers should be wary of scams and gimmicks used by some companies to pressure them into buying from them, including lies, misleading marketing materials and high-pressure sales techniques. Augusta Precious Metals stands out by providing superior customer service while providing IRA eligible bullion products of various sizes in addition to secure storage solutions for your investment portfolio.

Investors can open a Precious Metals IRA by rolling funds over from other IRA accounts or employer-sponsored plans – this process, known as rollover, does not incur any tax consequences or early withdrawal penalties. Precious metals may then be purchased as either physical bullion (bars or coins), or exchange-traded funds that track their value without the investor taking physical possession.


Precious metals held within an IRA may not be considered collectible by the IRS, but that doesn’t mean you can withdraw them and store them at home. You will need a custodian to handle their transaction and storage; please be sure to compare fees, accreditations and storage options before committing your money to them.

Precious metals make an excellent retirement account investment as their value often increases during times of economic stress, acting as an antidote against paper assets like stocks. But it is important to remember that the government imposes certain restrictions on IRAs; early withdrawal can result in taxes and penalties due to regulations; it’s therefore crucial that you work with an experienced custodian and dealer such as Lear Capital who will guide you through each step of this transaction process step-by-step.


An Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, can be an invaluable addition to your retirement savings strategy, but it’s essential that you understand its risks and regulations. In general, the IRS stipulates that investments held within an IRA consisting of precious metals must be stored with either a custodian (such as a bank, credit union or savings and loan association) or trustee; they should provide detailed information regarding their products as well as educational resources that will help guide decisions around them.

Gold is the go-to asset in Precious Metals IRAs, followed by silver and platinum. These precious metals provide inflation protection as well as stability during uncertain economic conditions.

Augusta Precious Metals offers a comprehensive selection of IRA eligible bullion coins and bars to help you build an investment portfolio for retirement. We’ve successfully helped many clients transition their existing IRAs into Precious Metals IRA accounts; and will work closely with you to customize a plan tailored specifically to your goals and risk profile.

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