Safe Places to Store Gold Coins

Keep gold and silver coins safe is of utmost importance when owning them, as damaged or lost coins can drastically decrease their resale value.

Many investors choose to store their gold at home in a safe or bank safety deposit box for easy access during banking hours, yet this approach also presents certain disadvantages.

Home Safes

Storing gold at home is an increasingly popular investment option, giving investors access to their bullion whenever and wherever it’s most convenient, while providing protection from natural disasters such as fire or flood.

If you prefer storing metals at home, make sure that you invest in a top-quality safe. Look for one with a UL rating and strong and durable construction that makes access difficult for intruders; some models even feature tamper-proof seals to deter theft.

Alternative storage solutions available through banks include renting a safety deposit box at a monthly fee for safekeeping gold investments. While such bank safety deposit boxes provide adequate protection and affordability, they may not offer the same level of protection that professional facilities do and provide less privacy than they should. Lastly, their insurance coverage typically isn’t adequate enough to cover bullion investments fully.

Fireproof Safes

Fireproof safes can provide your gold with ample protection from burglars and fire damage. Select models certified as fire resistant by UL and ETL standards – which indicate their fireproof and waterproof properties over time.

These safes also feature a double-walled body, solid round bolts on their hinge side, and an integral lock that is welded directly to their door. Most are designed to withstand up to 120 minutes of intense flame exposure without losing their contents.

These safes are waterproof and burglar-resistant, as well as being buried if desired, making them the ideal way to store documents, first edition books, jewelry and cash safely. Some models feature video surveillance that lets you keep an eye on what’s being stored while others include electronic combination locks that eliminate password or key requirements and biometric locks which scan users fingerprint or retina to grant entry.

Bank Safes

Investors seeking secure bullion storage often turn to banks or 3rd-party facilities as an affordable, secure solution. Banks typically restrict access during business hours and require advance notice before access can be granted; should a bank fail, an insurance policy would need to cover your stored bullion.

Others invest in innovative bullion hiding spots at home. These may range from fake cookie jars and bookshelves, so the less visible their hiding place is, the harder it will be for burglars to locate it. Unfortunately, homeowner and renter insurance rarely cover losses of precious metals stolen from these types of hidden locations – the best solution is professional storage providers who offer superior insurance protection against stolen precious metals.

Private Depositories

Investors frequently opt to store some or all of their bullion in a private depository. These professional storage facilities feature state-of-the-art security measures and insurance protection, in addition to expert handling and management, making the investment process simpler for investors.

Home and bank safe deposit boxes may be easy to access, but their use may be restricted by banking hours and the size or value of bullion stored. Furthermore, most home safes require one confidante who knows your password in order to gain entry – something which could present difficulties should your death occur or you experience serious illness or injury or lose keys.

Gold coins should be stored somewhere easily accessible at all times for optimal safety and to minimize theft risk. Therefore, diversifying your storage strategy is wise; for instance, some investors store some bullion at home while storing the remainder with banks or vaults.

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