Should I Have Gold in My IRA?

No matter if you are opening a gold IRA or rolling over an existing retirement account, finding an approved custodian for physical precious metals is key to the process and can reduce storage and insurance fees that eat away at returns on investments.

Gold investing can add diversification and protection during recessions. Discover more by requesting your free gold IRA kit today!


Add precious metals to an IRA is an excellent way to protect against inflation and market instability, but be wary when choosing your custodian as they should be reliable and trustworthy.

Although you can add physical gold, silver, platinum or palladium to an IRA account, to do so you must use a self-directed IRA instead of traditional accounts. These plans allow owners to hold nontraditional assets such as real estate, cryptocurrency and physical precious metals legally under IRS regulations.

Precious metals investments may be costly and lack the growth potential of stocks or mutual funds; moreover, they do not offer liquidity like these alternatives do. Therefore, taking the decision to convert your IRA to gold lightly should not be taken lightly; prioritise doing your own research through independent sources unaffiliated with any company considering opening one so you can make an informed decision.

Inflation hedge

Gold can provide security, stability and inflation protection if managed well. When making this investment decision, however, be wary that market fluctuations may cause extreme market fluctuations that compromise your time horizon and that gold typically underperforms stocks over the long haul.

Gold IRAs allow you to diversify your retirement savings with precious metals like gold, silver and platinum that have historically appreciated in value. As this type of self-directed IRA comes with higher fees than traditional ones, be sure to carefully research all available options before making your choice.

Ultimately, investing in a gold IRA depends on your financial goals, risk tolerance and retirement timeline. Request a free investor kit now to understand more of your options. If you do decide to proceed, find an IRA-compliant custodian to ensure that your account meets IRS regulations and remains safe from potential tax pitfalls.


Diversification won’t guarantee profits or protect against losses, but it can reduce risk in the long run by decreasing how much can potentially be lost to market fluctuations. One effective strategy to diversify is creating a portfolio consisting of various investment types – depending on your time horizon and risk tolerance, typically including stocks as well as bonds.

Diversify each asset class by investing in different companies and sectors within it; that way if any one company experiences financial issues, its effect won’t have as dramatic an effect on your portfolio as a whole.

SmartAsset’s free tool matches you with advisors in your area so you can interview potential matches at no cost before making your choice. Plus, this same tool can also help you locate an IRA provider!


Gold and other precious metals offer investors diversification, inflation protection, and capital appreciation; however, these investments must be evaluated carefully prior to being included in your retirement portfolio.

Investors can establish a Gold IRA by moving funds from existing 401(k), 457, pension and Thrift Savings Plan accounts into it – this move should not result in any taxes or penalties being assessed against investors.

Precious metals must be stored at an IRS-approved depository to protect them from theft and other risks. A custodian may charge both storage fees and markup on sales that vary based on what type of precious metal was purchased. A reliable precious metals dealer should also belong to a trade group and offer certifications of product quality; furthermore, references from previous customers should also be available from them.

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