Should You Buy Gold Coins Or Bullion?

Gold coins are smaller portions of gold that can be easily purchased, sold, and traded. Their added numismatic value attracts collectors and investors looking to complete sets or find specific years’ coins.

Due to reduced production costs and added value from coins’ reduced premium per ounce versus bars, coins may offer higher premiums per ounce; which one you select ultimately depends on your investment objectives and storage arrangement.

It’s easy to buy

Gold bars and coins can be an effective way to diversify your portfolio. By buying bullion, you can capitalize on price movements while protecting against inflation. Unfortunately, storing large amounts of gold may require extensive space. Furthermore, theft may become more likely; you could try keeping its location secret to reduce theft risk. You could store gold either at home or bank safe deposit boxes. Furthermore, make sure as few people know as possible where you store it so there will be less chance that thieves take it from its location.

Coins are usually created by sovereign governments that ensure their gold content is pure and the designs consistent. Available in an assortment of sizes, finishes and designs suited for investors as well as collectors alike. Many feature dates stamped onto them, making them suitable gifts for birthdays and anniversaries while having increased numismatic value and selling at higher prices than gold bars.

It’s easy to store

Many people opt to store their bullion at home, which can be an advantageous choice since precious metals are easy to access when needed. It is, however, crucial to remember that bullion requires special handling and storage arrangements as any damage could significantly decrease its value and potentially prevent its sale in future.

Home-stored bullion can be vulnerable to theft and fire, so it’s essential that it is stored securely. One way to do this is bury it on your property in an airtight and waterproof container. For maximum protection it is wise to have multiple hiding spots – and at least one confidant who knows exactly where the gold resides.

Another secure method for keeping coins or bullion safe and convenient access is storing them in a bank safety deposit box, although this will require you to declare what is stored inside.

It’s easy to sell

Gold coins differ from bars in that they possess both historical and aesthetic appeal. Many people purchase them for this reason alone and as gifts. Keep in mind, however, that government-minted coins may cost more per ounce due to production expenses.

Abe Mor is one such trusted online dealer that can offer the best way to sell gold. Their low overhead and wholesale business model means they may provide fair pricing.

Before selling gold, always weigh it on a scale to ensure you’re receiving an equitable sum of money from buyers. Be wary of pawn shops offering only cash; to find reliable buyers locally and online it’s worth doing some research about local stores and professional associations as well.

It’s easy to pass on

Gold coins often hold greater appeal during times of economic or geopolitical crises as an alternative source of currency due to their non-circulating nature, making it more difficult for governments to confiscate or devalue.

Gold coins offer an easy and safe way to transfer wealth between generations; unlike paper money, which wears away over time, they don’t succumb to wear and tear and retain their value over time.

Coins have higher production costs, more attractive designs, and are federally guaranteed for weight and purity, which drive their premiums higher than bars. Investors who store multiple bullion purchases together could save roughly 1% by purchasing one kilo bars as opposed to 10 100g gold bars.

Remember, however, that gold coin’s true worth only comes into light once they enter the market for sale. Once this decision has been made, its true worth will become evident and you must establish its value before finding an interested buyer; larger units like gold bars may make this easier.

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