What Banks Offer Medallion Stamps?

What banks offer medallion stamps

Medallion signature guarantees are issued by financial institutions to verify your identity and authorize transfers of securities. Typically this process requires an in-person visit and documentation such as valid government-issued photo ID.

Most banks provide this service at a minimal fee; however, one reader has noted that his local branches of Wells Fargo, HSBC, and Bank of America only provide this service to existing customers.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is one of the few banks offering medallion stamps. This service verifies the identity and signature of someone transferring securities or investments – similar to notarization but with more responsibilities. Medallion services may be found at local banks, credit unions and brokerage firms; however these services typically only exist for bank customers.

Medallion signature guarantees must be performed personally and can only be provided by an institution that belongs to either the Securities Transfer Agents Medallion Program or Stock Exchange Medallion Program, meeting certain minimum requirements such as purchasing signature guaranty imprinting equipment and providing surety bond coverage.

Cost for Medallion Signature Guarantee services will depend on where and how quickly you require the service, so if there are no time slots that fit with your schedule consider trying again later as cancellations and rescheduled appointments often open up.


HSBC offers medallion stamps to validate signatures when transferring securities or investments, and has been authorized by the SEC to issue such signature guarantees. Financial institutions usually require customers providing documents that prove their identity and legal standing for asset transfers – these might include things such as a power of attorney, death certificate, letters of office or corporate resolutions.

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Bank of America

Medallion Signature Guarantee (MSG) stamps provide verification of your signature on documents authorizing the transfer of securities. Banks, credit unions and brokerage firms that participate in the Securities Transfer Agents Medallion Program offer this service for an annual fee and may also require that you open an account with them in order to provide this service.

An official medallion certification from your bank can be invaluable when transferring securities between firms or giving them as gifts. Transactions must take place personally to ensure the correct owner holds onto them and that their name appears on their certificate of shares.

As this process can take time, contact a branch associate in advance and make an appointment. Bring any documents necessary to complete your transaction – for instance if moving your 401(k), such as name of new employer and account number.


Medallion stamps are used to verify the identity of individuals when transferring securities or investments, and banks, credit unions and broker dealers that participate in medallion programs can provide this service at an additional fee.

In order to obtain a medallion signature guarantee, it is best to contact both your local bank and brokerage firm and inquire whether they offer this service.

Consumer banks will generally offer medallion stamps at an additional fee; however, you should note that some will require you to have at least been with them for some time in order to be eligible for this service.

Many individuals in need of medallion signature guarantees must open up new bank accounts with different financial institutions in order to access one, which may prove burdensome but potentially beneficial.

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