What Can I Do With My Gold IRA?

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A gold IRA allows you to store physical precious metals in an IRS-approved retirement account. You can either open one from scratch or roll funds over from another IRA, 401(k), or other account.

Investing in Gold

With inflation rising and recession a possibility, many Americans are reconsidering their financial priorities and turning to gold – long seen as an economic “safe haven”. A popular method for investing in gold is through an individual retirement account (IRA).

An individual retirement account (IRA) allows investors to purchase physical precious metals such as one- or half-ounce U.S. gold coins, platinum and palladium bullion or paper assets such as precious metals-focused mutual funds or ETFs or stocks from gold mining companies.

To open a gold IRA, investors select a metals dealer who assists in setting up their account and connecting them with an IRS-approved custodian and depository institution. The best metals dealers provide transparent pricing, competitive fees and impartial customer education while offering secure storage facilities, whether allocated storage or shared storage commingled storage of precious metals among their clients.


Gold IRAs are self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts that enable owners to invest in physical precious metals as well as a wider selection of assets than standard IRAs. Just like traditional and Roth IRAs, investors can use gold IRAs to diversify their portfolios or protect themselves against inflation or economic uncertainty.

Your options for rolling over funds from an existing IRA into a gold IRA include rolling them over or transferring from another one. When doing either option, pre-tax dollars must be used and property distributed cannot be returned into an IRA after distribution (this rule is known as the “same property rule”).

No matter if it is traditional or gold, when selecting an IRA provider it is important to look for companies offering transparent pricing on purchases and storage fees as well as providing impartial customer education and reliable service. Most IRA-approved gold companies charge additional storage or insurance fees so it is wise to know about those prior to making your selection.


Gold may not bring in high financial returns, but it offers several key investment advantages that cannot be ignored – including its history of stability during economic turmoil and its ability to protect from currency devaluations.

Before investing in physical gold IRAs, be sure to understand both their investment advantages and drawbacks – this will allow you to make an informed decision that meets both your retirement needs and goals.

Notify yourself of when distributions must be taken from your IRA at age 59 1/2, 70 1/2 or 72 (depending on your year of birth) otherwise a 50% excise tax penalty will apply.

If you decide to invest in physical Gold IRA, select a provider with competitive prices, a strong reputation for customer education and transparency, as well as an IRS-approved storage facility. Be wary of companies that claim no annual or storage/insurance charges as these may still charge fees through hidden markups on precious metal purchases.


Gold IRAs provide an attractive investment alternative to stocks, bonds and other paper assets; however, as with all investments there is inherent risk. Precious metal prices fluctuate frequently; investors could suffer financial loss if prices decline significantly; therefore a physical precious metal IRA requires special care and consideration so as to invest responsibly.

Before investing, it’s essential to understand the rules and fees associated with a gold IRA. A typical gold IRA typically requires a one-time fee to open the account as well as custodial and annual maintenance costs. Furthermore, storage fees may apply depending on where your precious metals will be kept: either in your home (commingled storage) or at a depository (allocated storage). When considering investing with gold in an IRA account, be sure to carefully compare available storage options and fees so you can choose an investment strategy best tailored towards your own requirements.

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