What Does BBB Mean on a Gold Bracelet?

The Better Business Bureau advises individuals to do their research prior to responding to Internet ads or television commercials offering to buy surplus gold. Consumers should bring any jewelry items for evaluation at a jeweller or appraiser prior to selling them.

Pure gold is heavy and should sink in a glass of water; if your item floats instead, chances are it has only been gold-plated or coated. Jewelry markings may also be concealed to maintain the aesthetics of an article.

What Does BBB Mean?

The mark “bbb” stands for Better Business Bureau and can be seen on jewelry from Bailey Banks & Biddle. The BBB is a non-profit organization that conducts reports on businesses; using its mark as an indicator indicates they have been accredited by them.

Gold bracelets can add elegance to any ensemble, while being both durable and easy to maintain. However, you must be wary when wearing one in order to prevent staining and scratches; you can protect it by wrapping it with soft fabric to shield from scratches; it should also remain away from water sources and chemicals for best results.

A European hallmark known as an assay office added this mark as consumer protection against counterfeit gold products. Additionally, it shows which goldsmith created it.

What Does 14K Mean?

The 14K stamp indicates that your piece of jewelry contains 14 out of 24 particles of gold. Additionally, this marks its karat fineness.

To determine the karat of your jewelry, a simple test can help. If it sinks in water, chances are it is solid gold; otherwise it may only be plated.

When your jewelry is stamped “14K with company logo,” this indicates it was created using solid 14-karat gold and that its maker’s mark, typically “EG,” stands for Elizabeth Diamond Company.

Your pieces may also bear other stamps such as 14KP (which stands for “plumb gold”) to indicate they contain 13.5 carats of pure gold; you might also encounter the number 583, which indicates your piece contains 58.1 percent gold content.

What Does 316L Mean?

316L jewelry is constructed of surgical steel, an excellent metal that won’t turn your skin green or tarnish over time. Hypoallergenic and commonly used in surgical equipment, it makes an economical alternative to silver and gold jewelry that retains its shape well over time.

316L jewelry stands out with its high-quality construction and purity testing, meaning it won’t rust, tarnish or bend under extreme environments such as sulfuric and nitric acids. This hallmark indicates its purity.

When purchasing a stainless steel bracelet, make sure that when looking at its tag you check to see what grade of steel it is. Asking store staff or designers directly what grade of steel it is would also be useful; low-grade stainless could leave your skin turning weird colors or even rust.

What Does PAJ Mean?

PAJ, which stands for Prime Art and Jewel, is a longstanding jewelry maker with more than four decades of experience that prides itself on quality craftsmanship and design. Specializing in high-end pieces inspired by timeless trends and designs.

A jewelry piece bearing the BR mark indicates it has been brass rhodium plated for protection from oxidation and wear that could eventually cause it to lose its shine, as well as helping maintain its form over time. This process protects it against loss of luster as well as helping maintain its shape over time.

PAJ China maker’s marks indicate that the piece was manufactured in China. However, this does not equate to quality or silver content of the jewelry piece produced. PAJ has become one of the premier jewelry manufacturers worldwide with their expertise at crafting jewelry pieces that exceed consumer expectations and meet every expectation set forth by consumers.

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