What Does BBB Mean on a Gold Bracelet?

When purchasing gold jewelry, hallmarks are an official way of showing its purity. An Assay Office stamps them after testing.

Date letter stamps provide evidence of when your piece was certified as pure, often appearing as letters which do not resemble typical dates in order to prevent fraud and ensure authenticity.

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Gold hallmarks have long been used as an antifraud measure, verifying the precious metal content of jewelry items purchased at retail. Stamped by an assay office, these hallmarks also indicate who manufactured and distributed them.

Gold bracelets may feature more hallmarks besides BBB, including P, GP and HGE to denote different levels of purity; each mark often follows by a number that represents its caratage (fineness or purity). Stainless steel is an ideal material for jewellery due to its resistance against corrosion, tarnish and skin discoloration – plus it is durable and affordable, making it an attractive alternative to precious metals like gold or platinum.


When buying jewelry, look for hallmarks to assure its quality and authenticity. Hallmarking dates back millennia and protects consumers from fraudulent goldsmiths while assuring that every piece contains the specified amount of precious metal – providing proof that its composition consists solely of gold or silver. Hallmarks can often be seen stamped into the inner section of an older bracelet’s interior section; for more difficult cases you may require magnification to spot them.

Other hallmarks you might come across include EternaGold (EG). This premium brand sells 14-karat gold jewelry that’s scratch-resistant and durable – even coming with its own manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty! Their products also bear date letter stamps which indicate when purity tests were performed (these may not follow an orderly format); plus you might spot items marked 925 for sterling silver products!


Authenticity refers to anything genuine or real. This term is frequently used in business contexts to refer to products made with high standards of craftsmanship, but can also apply to people. An individual renowned for being honest and straightforward would be considered authentic.

As soon as you purchase any jewelry item, its hallmark should always be checked to ensure its purity and authenticity. You can locate this mark either on the back, clasp, or small circle; usually these letters indicate what type of gold plating there is; this could include GP,GF or GEP markings.

The hallmark EC indicates that an item comes from one of the European Community member countries and will ensure that its standards comply with those in which it was made.


When purchasing or selling a gold bracelet, it’s essential that you understand its worth. You can do this by inspecting it directly or consulting a jeweler/pawnbroker; additionally, taking note of its hallmarks can provide insight into its purity and authenticity.

A gold bracelet’s value depends on its materials, construction techniques and karat number – an indication of the percentage of pure gold content present within its composition. When multiplying by 24 to determine its true worth.

Many gold items contain additional letters after their karat number that indicate more specific details about its purity, such as GP, HGE or GF to indicate whether an item contains layers of gold over other metals such as copper.

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