What ETF Has Gold and Silver?

Commodities have outshone stocks and bonds so far in 2019, with gold and silver making particularly impressive gains. One way to invest in precious metals via ETFs.

Here are three of the best precious metals ETFs with physical bullion as their sole holding.

iShares Silver Trust ETF (SLV)

SLV provides investors with an easy and cost-effective way to invest in silver market. Each share represents an undivided fractional beneficial interest in its net assets – comprising silver held by its custodian. Trust activities consist of issuing and redeeming Baskets of iShares on an ongoing basis in exchange for silver delivered directly or deposited with or deposited with custodian, selling it as necessary to pay sponsor’s fee, expenses not assumed by sponsor and liabilities related to each iShare, replenish its supply, replenishing its supply as needed and replenish its supply represented by each iShare.

Physical silver can be costly and complex to invest in directly due to costs associated with assay, transportation, warehousing and insurance costs. Furthermore, various factors could temporarily raise its price, leading to increased share prices in your SLV iShares before these conditions subside and altering profitability as expected. As a result, investing directly may not yield as many returns.

iShares Gold Trust ETF (IAU)

The iShares Gold Trust ETF (IAU) gives investors access to one of the world’s most revered metals. This fund follows the spot price of gold bullion without incurring expenses or liabilities, making it ideal for cost-conscious investors who prioritize cost. Shares of IAU can be traded like other stocks on the New York Stock Exchange and their purchase and sale is convenient and straightforward. Moreover, it boasts one of the lowest expense ratios among its peers; making this fund an attractive choice.

Like other commodities-focused ETFs, IAU can be subject to complex tax rules that could compromise after-tax returns. Therefore, it is crucial that investors read their prospectus carefully in order to understand its tax treatment, especially if harvesting losses is on your agenda.

Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX)

This ETF tracks the performance of gold mining companies. Its holdings consist of small, mid-sized and large miner stocks; its Relative Value and Relative Safety ratings are above average compared to commodity ETFs.

The GDX ETF boasts an outstanding track record, making it one of the premier commodity ETFs available and giving investors access to an asset often neglected when building portfolios.

Gold prices tend to appreciate during times of financial instability, low interest rates and inflation; and when trust in global reserve currencies wanes. Gold offers investors looking for safe haven investments an appealing investment alternative; its performance correlates closely with gold’s price – making GDX ETF an attractive way to speculate on fluctuations of this precious metal price – though note it should only be undertaken if one can tolerate its risk factor.

Market Vectors Silver Miners ETF (SLV)

Market Vectors Silver Miners ETF (SLV) provides investors with exposure to numerous silver mining companies at an economical and risk-free investment cost. It’s an efficient, straightforward way of diversifying precious metal investments without incurring storage and buying costs or risk from individual stocks or physical silver purchases.

SLV tracks the Silver Mining Index, which measures silver prices minus ETF fees and expenses. Like GLD, SLV is taxed as collectibles instead of equity, offering potential tax relief.

SLV ETF is unique because it is backed by actual silver stored in bank vaults rather than futures contracts used to track GLD and other commodity-based ETFs like them, helping mitigate against contango and backwardation risks. Furthermore, SLV is highly liquid for easy trading; over one quarter of its holdings consist of “streaming agreements”, which enable it to purchase silver produced at mines at predetermined prices.

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