What Gold Coins Are IRA Eligible?

If you’re thinking about opening a precious metals IRA, be aware that not all gold coins qualify. To be eligible, they must be issued by national governments and meet minimum fineness requirements outlined by the IRS.

Numismatic coins often carry higher prices due to their collectibility premium, so these may also make good IRA investments.

American Eagle

Precious metals provide a sense of stability amid economic unpredictability and stock market instability. By investing in gold via an IRA, individuals gain access to physical assets with proven records of reliability.

Gold IRAs require that gold bullion coins meet certain purity criteria, and the American Eagle is one such coin that meets these specifications. Designed by Miley Busiek, its stunning design features male and female bald eagles gracing its surface.

Investors looking for high volume diversification at an economical price should also consider investing in IRA-eligible silver coins or Johnson Matthey bars, both of which provide increased diversification at reduced costs – making these products suitable for long term retirement investments.

Canadian Maple Leaf

Gold Maple Leaf bullion coins are globally-recognized for their purity and timeless design, as well as having the backing of the Royal Canadian Mint and being eligible to be held within an IRA account.

Investing in precious metals is an excellent way to protect your retirement portfolio against inflation and currency collapse, but it is crucial that you work with a custodian who specializes in precious metals IRAs.

Bullion coins must meet legal tender and minimum fineness levels to qualify for an IRA, with exceptions being the South African Krugerrand, British Sovereigns and older U.S. Double Eagles. Gold bars may also qualify as they can come in various sizes produced at NYMEX/COMEX approved refineries or national government mints.

Australian Kangaroo/Nugget

The Australian Gold Kangaroo coin, produced by Perth Mint – owned by Western Australia state government – has earned international renown due to its legal tender status, gold content, and ever-evolving designs. These attributes make it a sought-after bullion investment.

This coin features Queen Elizabeth II on its obverse side, while on the reverse is depicted the iconic red kangaroo that changes yearly for 1 oz coins while remains consistent on smaller weight denominations.

Rare coins are generally long-term investments with an investment horizon of three to five years or longer, making them suitable for precious metals IRAs. United States Precious Metals does not recommend rare coins as short-term portfolio holdings.

Austrian Philharmonic

The Austrian Philharmonic coin is one of the most beloved silver bullion coins on the market, thanks to Chief Engraver Thomas Pesendorfer who drew inspiration for its design from cultural icon Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

The coin’s obverse side features the great pipe organ found within Musikverein, also known as the Golden Concert Hall. This design element adds an exceptional element to this coin and makes it more than just an investment or collector piece.

Like its gold bullion counterparts, Silver Philharmonic bears an initial face value of 1.50 Euros and can be purchased in 1-ounce form depending on demand each year. Its production varies according to market needs.

British Sovereign

Given current economic circumstances, more investors are considering adding gold to their retirement portfolio through a self-directed individual retirement account (SDIRA).

Precious metals eligible for retirement accounts (IRA) must meet stringent purity requirements outlined by the Internal Revenue Service, and be produced from an established mint or refiner.

The British Sovereign gold bullion coin first produced in 1817 is an icon among collectors for its design, mintage history and royal presence. Containing 0.2354 troy oz of pure gold, this legal English tender coin has long been beloved. A popular collectible among numismatists and enthusiasts alike due to its elegant appearance and regal aura – it must be included as part of any collector’s portfolio!

French 20 Franc

Gold coins and bars may both be accepted into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Bullion coins must meet certain fineness levels to qualify, while there may also be IRS restrictions about which numismatic coins can be included in the account.

The French 20 Franc is an attractive option for investors seeking to diversify beyond 1-oz gold bullion holdings into fractional sizes smaller than an ounce. Each coin contains 0.1867 oz of Gold and features iconic designs on either side, such as Marianne as France’s national symbol for liberty and reason on one side and Le Coq Gaulois (rooster) on the reverse as its unofficial emblem on the other side.

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