What Investment is Better Than Gold?

What investment is better than gold

Gold has long been revered as an investment that can protect against inflation and currency risk, yet other investments may also provide these protections.

Many investors purchase physical precious metals such as gold coins, silver bars and bullion to diversify their portfolios and hedge against inflation. Unfortunately, such investments can be expensive and require a safe storage solution.

Real Estate

Real estate investments provide reliable returns in the form of capital appreciation and rental income, while being flexible as property values can be raised with improvements or repairs. Therefore, real estate offers investors reliable returns that provide diversification and stability in a portfolio during times of economic instability.

Real estate sales can be easier than gold sales due to red tape, formalities such as stamp duty payments, and extensive paperwork requirements.

Americans’ perceptions of the most beneficial long-term investments may fluctuate depending on short-term changes to asset prices, so it’s wise to consult a financial advisor in order to tailor an investment strategy specifically tailored for you and meet your unique needs. An optimal mix of investments can help you meet your financial goals while building wealth over time – discover more of their advantages such as real estate and gold investing today!

Electric Vehicle Metals

Cars might appear normal from the outside, but inside are massive blocks of metal extracted from mines around the world and subjected to complex chemical processing to get you from A to B. This supply chain takes an immense human and environmental toll; as electric vehicle (EV) adoption increases so does demand for battery materials for them.

Gold has historically been an effective way of protecting wealth for millennia; however, its returns aren’t especially impressive and it has a close correlation with inflation. Silver can offer an effective yet more affordable wealth preservation option with many of the same benefits as gold.

Investors can gain access to the metals underlying EV revolution through futures and options markets, which provide liquidity and leverage. Bullion coins and bars may appeal to some investors; however, their storage costs and buy/sell spreads may prove prohibitive for those with short time horizons.


Gold may seem like an attractive investment option to help protect wealth, but its low correlation to stocks doesn’t make it an excellent one. Furthermore, bullion requires large storage spaces and transaction fees and doesn’t generate cash flow for you either.

Silver offers more practical uses and has less correlation to stocks than gold, yet remains expensive, theft-prone, and has high buy/sell spreads.

One good alternative to both physical gold and inflation-protected securities (TIPS) is Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS). These bonds offer guaranteed returns that adjust for rising inflation – making them a better inflation hedge than gold but offering much lower yields than Treasuries. Another investment alternative could be gold stocks like Barrick Gold or Franco-Nevada Corp which mine and sell physical gold directly to investors at significantly reduced costs, offering liquidity and cheaper purchases than physical bullion while being taxed similarly as stocks when sold as physical bullion would.


Bonds are an investment with low risk and predictable returns, less volatile than Gold and an ideal addition to any portfolio. Unfortunately, Bonds don’t protect assets during an emergency like Gold does.

As central banks move toward an easier monetary policy regime, bond yields should begin falling and push investors towards increasing their exposure to Gold.

Physical gold investing can be costly and risky, which makes Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGBs) an attractive alternative that minimizes those risks. SGBs eliminate storage costs, purity issues, making charges, GST issues and GST issues associated with physical gold investments while offering 2.5 percent assured return and exemption from income taxation. Unfortunately, they require a five-year lock-in period which might make selling investments during an emergency more challenging; moreover they’re susceptible to short term sell-offs during crises at the same time due to market-wide asset liquidations efforts.

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