What is a 1 Oz Gold Eagle Worth Today?

How much is a 1 oz Gold Eagle worth today

The 1 oz Gold Eagle is one of the world’s most beloved bullion investments. Backed by the United States Government and featuring an updated adaptation of Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ Double Eagle design, it remains immensely popular worldwide.

Investors and collectors purchase American Gold Eagle coins because of their elegant imagery and long-term retirement investment potential; additionally, these coins may even be held within an IRA account for storage purposes.


Gold Eagles have a legal tender value of $50 but typically sell for much more due to their metal content and market demand. Buyers pay an extra premium to cover costs associated with refining, fabrication, minting and logistics operations.

Due to this trend, dealers often charge more for specific years or designs of Gold Eagle coins. Investors should look for common date 1 oz Eagles as these offer both lower prices and more ounces of gold for their money.

These coins are renowned bullion coins and offer a reliable investment option in today’s volatile market. Additionally, they’re eligible for gold IRA accounts – making them an attractive diversification strategy. On one side of each coin is an updated adaptation of Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ iconic Gold Double Eagle design from 1907. On the reverse is Miley Busiek’s work featuring a male Bald Eagle flying home to bring branches for his mate and their fledglings.


Gold bullion coins are popular investments, due to their purity, weight and legal tender status. The US Mint’s 1 oz Gold Eagle coin is the most sought-after bullion piece backed by government support as far as content, weight and purity are concerned.

On its obverse is Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ Lady Liberty statuette portrayed wearing flowing garments while holding a torch and olive branch, with Capitol Building behind her and Roman numeral year of issue displayed to her right.

Miley Busiek designed the reverse side of this coin to depict a male eagle flying with its hatchlings, along with words like “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “E Pluribus Unum,” and the face value of $50.


The US Mint guarantees the weight and price of every 1 oz Gold Eagle coin produced, although pricing varies based on individual dealers and supply and demand factors.

The coin is generally sold at a premium to the gold spot price, reflecting production costs and profit for dealers. On its obverse is Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ updated design from his Double Eagle coin used as currency until 1933 – on which its American equivalent features his design as seen here.

The American Gold Eagle coin’s reverse features an image of a bald eagle, symbolizing strength and freedom for our nation. Investors frequently purchase this coin to protect against domestic and global financial volatility.


The 1 oz Gold Eagle coin series has become one of the most acclaimed bullion coins available since their creation under President Ronald Reagan in 1985 via the Gold Bullion Coin Act. Boasting iconic designs on both sides, this coin symbolizes America’s values of strength and freedom.

Each coin bears a face value of $50 US and is guaranteed by the federal government, its gold weight and purity guaranteed. Its obverse field features an updated adaptation of Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle design while its new Type-2 reverse features the majestic head of an American Bald Eagle.

Money Metals Exchange provides 1 oz Gold Eagle coins in both uncirculated and Proof finishes, along with fractional denominations like 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz. Each piece comes securely packed within plastic coin flips; for higher quantities they’re stored in original mint tubes.


The 1 oz Gold Eagle coin is one of the most sought-after bullion investment coins on the market today, made from 22k gold alloy with 1 troy ounce of pure gold content and legal tender with a face value of $50 USD.

Each coin features an updated adaptation of Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ Double Eagle design from 1907. On its obverse is Lady Liberty walking confidently towards the rising sun with stars wrapped around her shoulders; on its reverse is a male bald eagle flying toward his nest to meet up with a female and her hatchlings.

Each coin is sold at a premium that varies based on the current gold price, including dealer profit and production costs. As with any coin purchase, buying in bulk can bring about lower premiums; each coin will arrive safely packaged in either protective plastic coin flips or original mint tubes; larger orders will be carefully protected in monster boxes for safe transport.

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