What is a Good IRA Management Fee?

What is a good IRA management fee

Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) are great ways to leverage compound interest on savings, but fees could eat into their returns.

Fees charged by IRA providers tend to depend on the total assets being managed and typically charge lower fees.

Fidelity stands out with excellent customer service and offering commission-free trades on stocks and ETFs as well as thousands of mutual funds with no transaction fees attached to them.


Betterment stands out among its fellow robo-advisors for many advantages it brings to IRA accounts. Not only can investors take advantage of a low-cost investment account with them; there are also checking and savings options that rival high-yield savings accounts in terms of competitiveness.

Goldman Sachs Investment Services offer two investment plans with no initial minimum and low ongoing fees of 0.25%; their basic investment plan requires no initial minimum and has an ongoing fee of only 0.25%; Goldman Sachs Smart Beta portfolios require higher initial investments with fees starting at 0.30%, plus there’s also an tier that charges $4 per month which may be too steep for smaller balances; though regular deposits of $250+ could negate it altogether.

This service offers traditional, Roth, SIMPLE, and SEP IRA accounts as well as 529 plans and trusts. Rebalancing is initiated when target allocation drifts by more than 3% from target; tax considerations are taken into account when making decisions for rebalancing decisions; long-term assets should be sold first in order to minimize short-term capital gains tax while shorter term investments remain unchanged.


Wealthfront provides a range of services, such as individual retirement accounts (traditional, Roth and SEP), college savings plans and cash management. In addition, Wealthfront offers tax loss harvesting and automatic dividend reinvestment to help preserve more of your investment gains.

Robo-advisors use low-cost ETFs to build tailored portfolios based on your risk tolerance, including stocks, foreign stocks, emerging stocks and bonds. More aggressive portfolios may contain more growth stocks while conservative ones might contain more bonds or dividend ETFs.

Wealthfront also offers a bond portfolio that can be customized based on your estimated tax rates by state and filing status, offering both Treasury bond portfolios and corporate bond portfolios to choose from.

Service is open to anyone with a Social Security number and bank account. There’s no minimum balance requirement and only $1 monthly fee; FDIC insurance coverage extends up to $1 Million while offering security features such as active fraud monitoring, two-factor verification, app-specific passwords and active fraud monitoring.

Schwab Intelligent Portfolios

Schwab Intelligent Portfolios offers a great option for individuals with both IRAs and taxable accounts looking for an automated advisor service to build a diversified portfolio without incurring account management fees; it uses low-cost ETFs and does not charge account management fees either – although its minimum account balance requirement stands at $5,000; in comparison, SoFi Automated Investing provides similar services at reduced costs with no account minimum requirement or account minimum limit requirement.

Prospective clients begin by filling out an online questionnaire that asks about their goals and current assets, linking outside accounts so that it’s easier to tabulate their total assets. Schwab robo-advisor also offers tools that track savings progress.

Schwab’s robo-advisor utilizes 51 ETFs to construct its portfolios, and allows investors to customize them according to their goals and risk tolerance. Furthermore, tax loss harvesting helps minimize taxable capital gains by selling investments that have seen value decline to offset gains on other positions that have increased.

Fidelity Go Roth

Fidelity Go is an all-digital robo-advisor with an affordable annual management fee of 0.355% and excellent customer support, including no minimum balance requirements for opening an IRA and several investment options. Fidelity Go’s user interface makes investing simple for novice investors; phone support and live chat support is available 24/7 to meet this goal.

Signing up with them is easy, involving only answering some basic questions about yourself such as your age, income, financial goals and risk level. They then create a tailored diversified investment portfolio just for you. Plus they conduct an annual strategic review to make sure their strategy continues meeting your needs!

Fidelity’s platform provides various types of IRA accounts and is open to anyone with an existing taxable account at Fidelity. With its tiered pricing model, accounts under $25,000 incur no fees at all while those exceeding this threshold pay 0.35% annually of their assets as maintenance charges.

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