What is a Medallion Signature Guarantee?

A medallion signature guarantee is an official stamp that verifies the identity and signature of those transferring securities or investments. Banks, credit unions, and brokerage firms that participate in medallion programs provide this service for members. You may need this guarantee when transferring retirement assets or giving stock donations.

It’s a stamp

If you’re administering an estate that owns shares traded on US or Canadian stock exchanges, obtaining a medallion signature guarantee (MSG) could be necessary. An MSG stamp with green high security ink allows the transfer agent to limit liability while also helping to ensure authentic signatures. In addition, this special stamp helps prevent unauthorized transfers of shares while protecting investors against loss.

Get a medallion signature guarantee by going to a bank that participates in either the Securities Transfer Agents Medallion Program (STAMP) or Stock Exchange Medallion Program (SEMP). Financial institutions like banks and credit unions provide these services, but may only issue them to established customers who pay a small fee; as a result it can be difficult to obtain one of these guarantees. Kemark Financial Services administers both programs with annual subscription fees.

It’s a guarantee

Medallion signature guarantees are special stamps that guarantee that a signature authorizing a transfer of securities is authentic, offered as a service by banks, credit unions and broker dealers that participate in the medallion signature guarantee program. They protect investors and investment holders by making it harder for criminals to steal their assets – such as when moving one’s 401(k) from one company to another or giving physical certificate forms as gifts.

As opposed to notary stamps, medallion signature guarantees are secured with bank assets and require more rigorous authentication than their notary counterparts. Therefore, they cannot be obtained through public notaries but can only be obtained from financial institutions participating in the medallion signature guarantee program – also without prior arrangement from them or an account with them.

It’s a security

Medallion Signature Guarantees provide financial institutions such as banks, credit unions and brokerage firms with an easy way to validate the identity of individuals or companies transferring securities and investments. They must belong to one of three Medallion Signature Guarantee Programs to offer this service; in addition to being members, banks must purchase special imprinting equipment as well as obtain surety bond coverage.

Though not technically the same thing as notary stamps, medallion signature guarantees are an essential step when it comes to transferring assets or securities. Backed by financial institution assets rather than your own, notary stamps rely solely on an individual’s assets as security. Due to risks involved, financial institutions typically do not issue Medallion Signature Guarantees to non-customers; finding one may prove challenging but always try finding one in your area!

It’s a document

Medallion Signature Guarantee (MSG) stamps are typically used with financial documents and provide assurance of authenticity by guaranteeing their endorsement and signature are genuine. An MSG is issued from banks, credit unions or brokerage firms participating in medallion programs – banks can issue MSGs on documents they represent while notaries only verify identity but don’t guarantee document authenticity. It is important to differentiate an MSG from a notary stamp because notaries only verify identity but not document authenticity.

Medallion signature guarantees are among several forms of special certification stamps that provide proof of authorization to transfer securities, often required when moving shares of stocks or bonds held physically certificate form. A medallion signature guarantee from an accredited bank imprints with high-security green ink that requires authentication by using the STAMP2000 transfer agent document reader to read it correctly.

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