What is a Medallion Signature Guarantee?

What is a gold medallion stamp

Medallion signature guarantees are stamps issued by financial institutions that validate a document signer as having genuine capacity and authority to endorse it. Assuming liability in case of forgery and charging a nominal fee for their service – typically banks, credit unions and broker dealers provide this service.

It is a legal document

Medallion Signature Guarantees (MSGs) are bright green stamps with signatures that verify the identity of those signing documents to transfer securities or investments. The stamp certifies to transfer agents that signature is genuine, that person owns assets being transferred, and accepts liability if there is any forgery of assets being transferred. Financial institutions generally issue MSGs as part of customer services at nominal fees for this service.

Medallion signature guarantees are available from many institutions, such as banks, credit unions, and transfer agents. Please keep in mind that verification cannot be performed online but rather requires an in-person visit for verification; the process could take several days and not all financial institutions provide this service; to make the best use of it you should also be sure to bring valid identification with you on your visit.

It is a security

Medallion Signature Guarantee (MSG) stamps provide verification of identity when signing documents involving transfers of securities held on paper form such as stocks or bonds, while also verifying their authority to transfer assets. Institutions who issue MSGs promise indemnification should any misappropriated assets be wrongly transferred; these services are particularly necessary when acting for deceased estates or administering on their behalf.

Contrasting with notary stamps that only verify identity and capacity to sign documents, medallion signature guarantees are backed by financial institution assets and therefore more difficult to acquire. Banks tend only provide this service up to certain value limits and for existing customers only; so if you plan on transferring your shares through them it would be wise to contact them beforehand to see if they provide such coverage.

It is a guarantee

An MSG (medallion signature guarantee) is a document issued by banks or financial institutions which certifies that your signature on share certificates or securities is genuine and that you possess legal ownership over them. Furthermore, an MSG guarantees who you say you are and whether or not you possess capacity to transfer securities. Furthermore, issuing banks pledge to cover any losses from fraud by compensating victims immediately as well as seeking ultimate recourse.

To qualify for a medallion signature guarantee (MSG), you must be a customer of the bank or financial institution offering it. While many banks and institutions do offer this service, their maximum guarantee values tend to be limited – in some instances you may need to open and season new accounts before they issue MSGs.

As it poses an unacceptable liability to banks, medallion signature guarantees are often not available upon walking into any bank branch. To avoid this issue, contact the transfer agent of the company or mutual fund which requires one and verify if you are their customer before coming in for an interview with them.

It is a stamp

If your shares trade on US or Canadian stock exchanges, transferring them may require a medallion signature guarantee stamp to prove authenticity and accept liability in case of forgery. These stamps come in bright green imprint with barcode for scanning using STAMP2000 medallion scanners; its barcode can also be scanned using STAMP2000 medallion scanners. It’s essential to understand the differences between notarization and medallion signature guarantee as certain documents need additional security than others – read on to discover more information about what a medallion stamp means and where to obtain one!

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