What is an Equity Trust IRA?

An equity trust IRA allows you to invest in alternative assets such as precious metals and real estate, in addition to traditional market investments like stocks. Your IRA must comply with IRS guidelines in order to avoid prohibited transactions.

IRA accounts offer several tax benefits, such as funds growing tax-deferred and potentially being eligible for deductions and withdrawals after reaching certain ages. Learn more about these advantages and how you can take full advantage of them.

Self-directed IRA custodian

Selecting a self-directed IRA custodian is an integral step toward building for retirement. They will manage all paperwork and administration related to your investments and must adhere to IRS rules, be familiar with alternative asset classes (real estate and mortgage notes) as well as fraud/scam regulations within IRAs.

Look for a custodian that provides customer testimonials and advanced security protocols, along with an online portal that makes monitoring investments simple. Furthermore, inquire as to their servicing times and whether a knowledgeable specialist is on hand.

Keep in mind that an IRA cannot buy property from disqualified persons or rent it to them, nor pay themselves or disqualified individuals to maintain properties owned by an IRA. Furthermore, annually report to the IRS the fair market value of all your IRA assets.

Investment options

Investment opportunities with your self-directed IRA are virtually limitless when it comes to alternative investments, including real estate, private entities, cryptocurrency, precious metals and more. Your options for return and diversification could increase significantly!

myEQUITY accounts allow users to make one-off or recurring payments directly into any investment company of their choosing, using either the Transaction Launcher or Transaction Tracker status page to submit requests that will be processed within one business day.

However, it’s essential to remember that any investments made within an IRA or tax-advantaged account could generate unrelated business income (UBI), especially real estate and limited partnerships. To prevent UBI from occurring, conduct due diligence prior to investing in any property or entity and consult with a tax or financial professional prior to making decisions about any investments made with these accounts.


Self-directed IRAs come with two fees associated with them: setup and renewal fees. These are assessed when opening the account; renewal fees will be invoiced annually thereafter. Furthermore, transaction fees may also incur; these costs do not come directly from Equity Trust but rather can be charged directly by investors themselves.

This company offers an array of tax-advantaged accounts, such as Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs and health savings accounts. Additionally, custodial services for non-qualified accounts enable individuals to invest in alternative assets, including real estate (fix-and-flipping, rentals and raw/developed land), promissory notes, private equity investments and precious metals.

With low annual fees and available service representatives by phone or online, this firm is ideal for investors who value excellent support and an extensive range of alternative investments. Unfortunately, they don’t provide check writing – which could prove inconvenient for certain investors. Midland Trust was recently acquired as well.

Customer service

Equity Trust provides exceptional self directed IRA custodian services and has an expansive selection of investment options tailored specifically for IRA investors. You can even use their fee calculator to see exactly how much working with them costs! Furthermore, their team is easily approachable, making learning about who stands behind the scenes easy and transparent.

Equity Trust provides access to nontraditional assets like real estate, tax liens, private equity and precious metals as well as traditional investments through ETC Brokerage Services. Furthermore, an “in-kind” transfer of eligible public investments enables you to quickly fund your account quickly.

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