What is the Best Size Gold Coin to Buy?

Precious metals investors frequently ask themselves “What size gold coin should I purchase?”. The answer depends on your investment goals, budget, and storage capabilities.

Gold coins come in various weights – from 1 ounce down to fractional sizes such as 1/2 oz and 1/10 oz – offering unique benefits for your portfolio.

American Gold Eagle

American Gold Eagle coins are highly acclaimed among beginners and experienced investors, revered for their high purity, resale value, and timeless design. Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ classic depiction of Lady Liberty striding forward with her torch illuminates one side while on its reverse is an intimate profile of an American Bald Eagle that captures both its fierce gaze and stunning detail.

The coin comes in various sizes – 1 ounce coins, 1/2 ounce coins, 1/4 ounce coins and 1/10 ounce coins are all offered – its bullion metal content, weight and purity guaranteed by the United States government.


Gold coins provide investors and collectors alike with numerous investment and collecting options. One oz coins are among the most desirable investments, providing both investment value and convenience; however, many smaller gold coins also make attractive purchases.

The South African Krugerrand first hit the market in 1967 as a modern gold bullion coin available for private investment. This 22-karat coin was created to promote South Africa’s abundant gold reserves as well as promote their national symbol, the Springbok Antelope. It featured former President Paul Kruger on one side and featured its national emblem on its reverse.

The Krugerrand comes in 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/2 oz weights to give investors maximum flexibility when creating a portfolio of fractional Krugerrands without breaking the bank. Each size features identical obverse and reverse designs as the full 1 oz coin for easy stacking into an investment portfolio. Furthermore, their fractional premiums make them an appealing option for investors looking to diversify their holdings without spending too much out-of-pocket.

Gold Buffalo

The Gold Buffalo, introduced by the United States Mint under Public Law 109-145 (The Presidential $1 Coin Act), marked America’s inaugural 24-karat bullion coin when first issued in 2006. It revives James Earle Fraser, an apprentice coin designer to Augustus Saint-Gaudens who designed this coin’s obverse and reverse designs as an expression of appreciation for Native American culture, the natural beauty of frontier, as well as his desire to honor our national heritage through coinage.

Gold Buffalo coins come in 1 oz, 1/2 oz and 1/4 oz sizes – popular among new collectors as an affordable entryway into the market. Their obverse depicts a full-body left profile of an American buffalo inspired by Black Diamond who resided at New York’s Central Park Zoo during the early 1900s; their reverse features an intricately detailed head depicting Black Diamond himself!

Austrian Philharmonic

The Austrian Philharmonic coin is one of the world’s best-selling bullion coins and an admiration of many collectors. Depicting both the Musikverein organ on one side, as well as instruments on its reverse, this coin captures Vienna’s rich musical heritage better than most other bullion pieces available today.

This coin features an image of the Great Organ at Vienna Musikvereinssaal on its obverse, along with weight, purity and face value in Euros inscribed around its edges. On its reverse are various instruments including two violins, a viola, cello and harp with Wiener Philharmoniker written across its top edge.

Gold coins offer investors and collectors alike numerous advantages, from their high levels of purity to their ability to be held in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Selecting the ideal format depends on personal considerations like investment goals, collecting preferences, financial considerations and availability on today’s market – there are several available choices!

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