What is the Best Size Gold Coin to Buy?

What is the best size gold coin to buy

Gold coins are increasingly popular with investors due to their portability and liquidity, providing an entryway into investing with smaller budgets.

Lady Liberty stands proudly to one side while an American bald eagle nestles proudly on the other as the iconic Gold American Eagle is recognized globally. Available in fractional sizes to meet every budget.

1 oz

One-ounce gold coins are among the most sought-after investments for investors. Their small size makes them easy to transport and sell quickly, boosting portfolio liquidity while often being less costly than gold bars.

The 1 oz American Gold Eagle coin is an attractive option for new buyers and collectors alike, featuring one troy ounce of pure gold backed by the United States government.

South African Krugerrand gold coins are highly sought-after bullion coins with global appeal, featuring iconic and timeless designs that remain extremely liquid on global markets.

The Perth Mint has long been revered for their superior quality products, and their Gold Kangaroo coin is no exception. These 99.999 fine Gold coins offer buyers something special while still remaining familiar. Each coin carries an Australian dollar face value and comes securely protected within plastic coin flips for added protection.

1/10 oz

Fractional gold coins provide you with the ability to invest in smaller amounts of bullion at an attractive cost-per-ounce value. While 1 oz coins may have greater historical significance and be rarer in nature, fractional coins often boast lower purchase costs and greater collectibility due to being fractional versions of them.

The dime-sized 1/10 oz American Gold Eagle offers the most cost-effective option among Gold Eagle sizes, featuring Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ iconic design of Lady Liberty on its obverse side and carrying a face value of $5.

Gold Eagle coins are a smart investment option for investors with smaller budgets, providing diversification without spending too much money and can even fit within precious metals IRAs. Not only are these fractional coins affordably priced but they’re highly liquid – meaning you can sell or trade them quickly should the need arise; as gold prices continue to increase they could become even more desirable investments.

14 oz

Precious metal investors often seek out advice about which size gold coin would make an optimal investment, taking into account factors like price, design and finish. There is an impressive variety of bullion and proof coins minted by sovereign governments available on the market today.

Fractional gold coins make investing easier for novice and everyday investors who may not be able to afford one-ounce coins; however, these smaller investments usually carry a higher premium over their spot prices.

Gold bars come in an assortment of sizes and shapes, ranging from 1 gram to 1 kilogram. Individual buyers typically can purchase 1 oz bars at a premium over spot price; most modern gold bars meet a 99.99 fineness standard (sometimes known as four nines pure), while older gold bars may have been produced using 24k pure metal instead. Furthermore, rounds can feature various designs or finishes.

20 oz

The 1/20 oz Gold Maple Leaf is an extremely popular option among investors looking to diversify their physical bullion portfolios. Manufactured by the Royal Canadian Mint and featuring an attractive Maple Leaf design on its reverse side. Meanwhile, its obverse is dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II.

Fractional-size coins offer an excellent solution for investors with tight budgets or collectors looking to add gold more frequently, without incurring premiums above spot price when purchasing larger coins.

As with any precious metal investment, small gold coins must be stored safely to prevent theft or damage. A safe is ideal, or alternatively you could store it with the local law enforcement agencies for extra assurance.

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