What Precious Metals Are Allowed in an IRA?

An Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, allows you to select various investments for retirement and is designed to comply with IRS regulations. An expert in IRA can help ensure your choices comply.

As soon as you’ve made up your mind to purchase gold coins or bullion bars with 24k content and marked by an approved refiner or assayer, the IRS allows these for purchase. They may also allow American Eagle proof coins which offer unique collectable versions of bullion coins.


Gold is an increasingly popular investment choice for retirement accounts due to its tangible nature and many believe it can withstand market fluctuations more effectively than stocks. But gold isn’t the only precious metal available as an IRA investment option: silver and platinum can also be held as bullion bars, rounds or coins under current legislation.

Coins and bullion must generally meet certain legal tender standards to be included in an IRA, such as legal tender coins that meet 0.9999% fineness standards or gold bullion bars produced to IRS specifications – like American Eagle coins. American Eagle coins cannot be invested in as they are considered collectibles with only this fineness standard being met. IRA-qualified providers like PAMP Suisse sell gold bullion bars produced to these IRS specifications which make for viable investment alternatives.

Before investing in precious metals IRAs, it is crucial that you carefully consider your retirement goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. Consult a financial professional in order to establish the most suitable precious metals strategy.


Silver has long been seen as an essential addition to retirement portfolios due to its ability to provide protection from currency crises and political/financial turmoil. Like gold, it serves as a safe haven asset that diversifies and acts as a hedge against inflation.

Silver can be held either in a traditional or Roth Individual Retirement Account, and also invested in through a Self-Directed IRA – which allows investors to invest in alternative assets such as physical precious metals and real estate as well as stocks and bonds.

When selecting an IRA-approved silver dealer, make sure they possess high standards and an established track record. Check they are linked to IRS-approved depositories, with products meeting fineness requirements set by the IRS. When looking for coins suitable for an IRA investment strategy, stick with bars or rounds from trusted dealers with appropriate approval status from IRA investors – these tend to be substantially overpriced and usually ineligible anyway.


An investment portfolio with physical platinum bullion or rare coins can add much-needed diversification. An Individual Retirement Account (IRA), like traditional or Roth IRAs, allows alternative assets like real estate, promissory notes and precious metals for investments within it.

Investment of platinum within an IRA requires careful thought and planning. To minimize risks and tax implications while increasing returns, research current market trends, prices analysis, and evaluate options available to you before making your decisions.

Investors looking for platinum can purchase it through a bullion dealer that works in collaboration with an IRA custodian and IRS-approved depository. The IRA custodian will have agreements in place with these depository sites in order to store the metal safely; additionally, they will verify whether or not the platinum meets IRS fineness and purity standards as a way of safeguarding investors from purchasing fraudulent products.


Palladium may not be as widely recognized as gold and silver, but its long-term performance and ability to hold value independent of fiat currency make it an attractive asset for retirement portfolio diversification. Like other precious metals, palladium provides protection from economic volatility and inflation.

An IRA may invest in palladium bullion as long as it meets IRS standards for purity fineness and storage. Investors must store physical metal with an IRS-approved third-party depository such as Brinks Global or Delaware Depository; most reputable dealers that partner with self directed IRA custodians use one or both of these depositories for client metals.

Though IRA-eligible coins, such as the American Eagle one-ounce palladium bullion coin, exist, investors should avoid collector coins with unreasonable premiums or pieces with rare collector status that carry excessive premiums. Furthermore, investors should bear in mind that physical metals like palladium will incur costs for storage and insurance costs if their IRA owns physical palladium assets.

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