What Precious Metals Are IRA Approved?

What precious metals are IRA approved

Investing in precious metals requires keeping physical coins or bullion safely stored by an IRA custodian at an approved depository, like American Hartford Gold which specialize in such products.

Gold eligible for purchase by an SDIRA must meet IRS purity standards and other requirements, while collectible coins (known as Numismatic coins or proof coins) cannot be purchased with it.


Gold may not be risk-free, but it offers retirement portfolios an inflation hedge. The IRS allows IRAs to invest in gold, silver and platinum coins or bullion that meets purity standards – these investments may be made either with pretax dollars or after-tax funds.

Gold IRA options vary, but coins remain the preferred investment vehicle. Investors also have access to bullion bars or rounds priced based on precious metal weight, which can make them more cost-effective and provide easier storage solutions.

When investing in gold, it is best to work with an experienced precious metals company. Their experienced associate can assist in setting up a metals-backed IRA in accordance with IRS regulations as well as selecting a custodian and safely storing precious metals – and can also offer top-tier customer service! For more information about the advantages of a gold IRA contact us for a complimentary consultation session today.


Silver can make an invaluable asset in times of economic instability, providing diversification for precious metals portfolios and increasing economic security. Silver’s many industrial uses and continuing investments in green tech like solar energy make it highly coveted and in high demand.

Physical silver is an accessible and cost-effective asset to add to an IRA portfolio. When selecting your silver IRA provider, conduct due diligence by reviewing regulatory compliance and financial professionals’ advice – this will help ensure your precious metals investments adhere to IRS rules while also helping prevent risky deals like those offered by OWNx.

OWNx is dedicated to offering its silver investors an effortless, transparent investment journey. We provide a wide variety of IRA-approved silver coins and bars, such as the iconic American Silver Eagle issued by the U.S. Mint, as well as America the Beautiful series coins featuring 56 designs commemorating national parks across America.


Platinum can make an ideal addition to an IRA for investors seeking a way to diversify their retirement portfolio with alternative assets. Like gold, platinum does not rely on dollar depreciation as its value stays steady despite currency fluctuation.

To invest in physical IRA-eligible platinum coins or bars, it’s necessary to open a self-directed individual retirement account (SDIRA). While traditional IRAs offer only stocks as investments, an SDIRA allows you to save for retirement tax-free while expanding your options by including precious metals among them.

To open an SDIRA, you will first need to find a custodian who accepts precious metals and meets IRS regulations for alternative investments. Once selected, select from various platinum bullion products such as coins, rounds or bars produced from national government mints or accredited refiners/assayers/manufacturers that meet minimum fineness standards; Monex Precious Metals IRA Department can assist with finding suitable products to make up an SDIRA investment portfolio.


Palladium is an investment option that can be added to a self directed IRA alongside gold, silver and platinum. Palladium’s attractive properties as a reliable store of value during periods of economic instability make this form of diversification increasingly appealing.

Copper plays an essential part in both electronics and automotive industries, where it is used to manufacture catalytic converters that reduce emissions. Furthermore, it forms an essential part of groundwater treatment technologies used to combat contamination and pollution.

Physical precious metal investors can choose to purchase and hold palladium coins, rounds or bars in their retirement accounts as palladium bullion bullion coins, rounds or bars are legal to own within an IRA. All IRA-approved palladium coins or bars must meet minimum purity fineness standards set by an accredited manufacturer, assayer or national government mint to qualify as suitable IRA investments.

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