What Precious Metals Are IRA Approved?

What precious metals are IRA approved

An IRA-approved precious metals investment provides you with a chance to diversify your retirement portfolio, but the Internal Revenue Service imposes stringent guidelines as to what can and cannot be invested in.

You can invest in gold coins, bullion bars and other physical products that meet IRS minimum fineness requirements for an IRA-eligible coin and bullion product from APMEX’s selection.


Gold has long been used as a store of value and symbol of wealth throughout history, providing protection during economic uncertainty. But investing in precious metals does not come without risks.

An IRA-approved gold investment can provide your retirement portfolio with diversification while taking advantage of tax-deferred growth. When selecting an IRA company to invest in, be sure they offer competitive pricing as well as a buyback program to save time and money should you decide to sell back to them later on.

APMEX offers an impressive selection of gold bullion coins and bars that meet IRS minimum fineness standards, produced from nationally-recognized mints or manufacturers. Additionally, we carry various IRA-eligible silver products.


Silver makes an ideal investment choice in any precious metals IRA. Not only does it provide diversification and inflation protection, it’s also easy to buy and store, unlike paper assets like stocks and mutual funds which may expose investors to third party or counterparty risk.

Investing in silver for your precious metals IRA is straightforward and can be completed easily. The key is selecting a reliable dealer with memberships in reputable trade organizations such as American Numismatic Association or Industry Council for Tangible Assets.

Midas Gold Group recommends working with a qualified custodian in order to complete the process. They will ensure your precious metals IRA conforms with IRS regulations while helping you locate an IRS-approved depository to store it safely – though home storage options may also be offered by these custodians. They’ll handle all paperwork involved while guaranteeing safe storage for your precious metals IRA.


Platinum is 30 times rarer than gold and has many different applications, from jewelry making to electroplating and catalytic converters for automobiles. Furthermore, it can also be found as part of dental crowns, medical thermocouple elements and when combined with cobalt it creates powerful magnets.

For those wishing to hold platinum within a self-directed retirement account, selecting an approved custodian is necessary in order to store physical metal safely in depository facilities.

Trustee/custodian of an IRA must be either a bank, federally insured credit union, savings and loan association or another entity approved by the IRS as being suitable to act as custodian for it. Many individuals opt to work with Augusta Precious Metals which offers both physical purchasing and an IRA investment account; their trustworthiness has earned them A+ Better Business Bureau ratings as well as AAA Business Consumer Alliance ratings as well as five star reviews across various platforms.


Palladium has gained in popularity as an investment and hedging tool over recent years, though not as popularly as gold. Because its value can remain independent of fiat currencies such as US dollar or Euro, palladium makes an excellent option for Precious Metals IRA accounts.

Precious Metals IRAs are investments that invest in physical gold, silver and palladium coins or bars approved for inclusion by the IRS as part of a Traditional, ROTH, SEP or SIMPLE IRA or Inherited IRA plan. Coins must predominantly consist of bullion with minimum purity standards of 9995 fineness for inclusion.

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) provides many advantages to long-term savers. Most importantly, precious metals IRAs do not rely on dollars like traditional American retirement vehicles do – meaning the declining dollar won’t affect how the precious metals IRA performs over time.

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