What Type of IRA for Precious Metals?

Precious metals can be an attractive investment option within an IRA; however, they tend to be more costly than paper assets and require safe depository storage for optimal returns.

To open such an account, it is essential that you choose a dealer with a custodian who adheres to IRS guidelines and holds the necessary certifications.

Traditional IRA

As the owner of a Traditional IRA, opening a precious metals IRA follows a similar process to opening any other type of account. You simply need to choose an approved custodian who provides gold and silver coins and bars or self-directed accounts that allow for the purchase of alternative assets that comply with IRS regulations.

Additionally, you must find an IRA depository that can safely store your metals as required by the IRS. A reliable custodian should help guide you through the selection and purchase process as well as advise which precious metal coins or bullion you should invest in for an IRA account.

Precious metals can provide retirement portfolios with an invaluable diversification opportunity, serving as a tangible hedge against inflation, currency fluctuations and geopolitical risk. But they shouldn’t be seen as an alternative asset class: as with any investment they carry capital risk that may appreciate or depreciate depending on a variety of factors.

Roth IRA

Precious Metals IRAs are self-directed retirement accounts that enable investors to purchase and store physical gold and silver in an insured depository. Some investors also choose exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that track precious metal prices without physical ownership as an alternative investment option.

Precious metal investments provide diversification and inflation protection during times of economic instability. Before starting an IRA with precious metals, make sure you understand its requirements.

To open a precious metals IRA, it is essential that you select both a reliable IRA custodian and an authorized precious metals dealer. Either your custodian may recommend or you search independently for one meeting the IRS criteria – once purchased they will ship them directly to an IRA-approved depository before your custodian deposits them directly in your account which is stored securely away in a segregated vault.


Self-employed and small business owners alike can take advantage of SEP IRAs to save and invest tax-deferred, which then accumulates until retirement when income can be distributed as income.

Freelancers and small business owners tend to experience greater fluctuations in annual earnings than salaried workers, so this retirement account was created with them in mind. They can utilize it to plan for the future by investing in traditional investments like stocks and mutual funds as well as precious metals like gold, silver and platinum bullion.

SEP IRAs also allow for higher annual contribution limits than standard IRAs, providing people with more ways to invest for the future. When selecting a SEP IRA provider, look for one who offers a wide variety of silver products so as to diversify your portfolio beyond traditional stocks and bonds.


Employees participating in a SIMPLE IRA may contribute up to 3% of their salaries and receive employer matching contributions. Their employer must deposit participant contributions no sooner than seven business days after withholdings are withheld from paychecks; no earlier.

Participants can select American Funds investments to deposit in their IRA accounts, where the funds grow tax-deferred until withdrawn – though early withdrawals will incur income taxes and a 10% penalty fee.

As a small business owner, SIMPLE IRAs can be an efficient way of providing retirement savings to employees. Setting one up is straightforward and doesn’t involve complex nondiscrimination compliance tests or filing requirements associated with traditional 401ks; once employees have participated for two years in your plan they can move their SIMPLE IRA funds freely into other types of retirement plans or personal IRAs without penalty.

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