Where Can I Store My Gold Investments?

Investment in physical gold and silver coins requires safe storage methods that are both professional and domestically available to you. There are various choices available to you when it comes to home storage solutions for physical coins – both are suitable.

Home storage offers many advantages, including reduced costs and easy access in case of sudden price moves. But one must remain discreet, restricting who knows about where their bullion is stored.

Home Storage

Home storage is an affordable and accessible solution for keeping bullion close by, providing easy access to investments at any time – however it exposes precious metals to burglary risk as most homeowner policies don’t cover loss of precious metals.

When choosing to store money at home, it’s essential that your storage locations be varied and creative. Aim to avoid obvious hiding spots like fake cookie jars or books with holes cut out of them; rather consider what would draw thieves’ eyes when considering locations for hiding your stash and devise something more complex. You should also have at least one confidant who knows where your stash resides who could deliver it in case something unexpected were to occur; they may act as nominee in case something were to occur like incapacitation, major accidents or deaths.

Bank Safe Deposit Boxes

Some gold investors choose to store their bullion in a bank safe deposit box for ease of storage and security concerns, though this incurs fees for storage of precious metal assets. Furthermore, any bullion stored this way isn’t protected under homeowner’s policies.

Some smaller bullion dealers provide on-site storage solutions for their customers, providing convenience but leaving your bullion vulnerable to natural disasters and theft. Furthermore, it will not be covered under homeowner or renter insurance policies.

Offsite bullion storage via private depositories offers the highest level of security, but access may be restricted during regular business hours only. Midas can help you identify suitable depository options both locally and internationally.


Keeping precious metal bullion, whether coins, rounds or bars in coins form or bars form, requires safekeeping in a vault with extra air circulation and dehumidifiers for moisture reduction as well as additional insurance cover to cover theft or damages that might occur.

Another option for you to consider is placing your precious metals with a third party storage firm known as a gold depository, which provides secure locations throughout the US and occasionally internationally. Most gold depositories provide advanced security measures with 24-hour surveillance as well as comprehensive private insurance coverage to provide safekeeping of precious metals.

Some establishments provide allocated storage, in which your bullion will be kept alongside that of other investors. Others, however, offer segregated options at a fee so that when you withdraw your bullion it will remain exactly the same type as when deposited.

Offshore Storage

As only you know where best to store your bullion investments, the decision for where they should be stored ultimately lies with you. But that shouldn’t become an impediment when purchasing gold coins or bullion bars.

Many people opt to store some of their bullion at home, although this decision comes with its own set of risks. Keep in mind that such storage arrangements don’t protect against natural disasters such as fire or flooding and may even not be covered by homeowners insurance policies.

Bank safe deposit boxes offer another storage solution, but it comes with its own limitations. If the bank is closed or on holiday, accessing your bullion may be delayed until it reopens; additionally, these institutions can be subject to financial and political risks that threaten its safety; so some investors prefer third-party storage facilities for their precious metal assets.

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