Where Can I Store My IRA Gold?

Where can I store my IRA gold

An IRA gold must be stored at an IRS-approved depository to meet security and insurance standards as well as provide geographic diversification and privacy.

Investors who keep their IRA gold at home violate IRS regulations, potentially incurring distribution penalties and possibly leading to an audit.


iTrustCapital provides an innovative method of investing digital assets and precious metals through tax-advantaged retirement accounts, with their trading platform allowing users to buy or sell assets at market prices and transfer funds using bank wires. No minimum deposits are required so more people can take advantage of their service – and users have access to physical gold/silver as well as crypto assets – creating an efficient portfolio solution.

iTrustCapital currently provides 28 different cryptocurrencies, and are actively working to increase their selection. Their secure storage solution features Cold Storage solutions from Fireblocks and Coinbase for added protection from hackers. Customer support is available 24-7 to assist with setting up IRAs or answer any other inquiries; additionally they help avoid common pitfalls associated with investing in cryptocurrency IRAs.

RC Bullion

RC Bullion is a national leader in providing investors with access to precious metals investments through retirement accounts. Their services cater specifically to investors interested in diversifying their retirement portfolio with gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins approved for IRA investment accounts. Furthermore, they also provide educational materials and free investment guides so clients understand the advantages associated with precious metal investing.

The website for the company was specifically created to offer users an easy user-experience, making it simple for potential customers to locate information quickly. Customer service representatives reportedly respond swiftly when answering calls indicating their commitment to meeting customer needs.

RC Bullion provides their customers with segregated storage, so their assets don’t mix with those of other customers. Investors know their precious metals belong solely to them rather than simply belonging to the depository; this ensures their investments will remain safe from theft or confiscation, plus our facility is highly secure and fully insured by Lloyd’s of London for added peace of mind.

Delaware Depository

Delaware Depository stands out among precious metal storage facilities as one of the premier facilities, making them an attractive option for many Gold IRA dealers and investors. Their security is unparalleled; with multiple physical and electronic safeguards in place to keep investments safe.

This includes separate facilities for each of the major precious metals and a secure chain of custody system, along with regular auditing to ensure compliance with IRS regulations.

Company officials utilize high-tech machinery to authenticate bullion. This includes precision scales, X-rays and ultrasounds; each piece must go through an intensive verification process in order to guarantee it meets advertised specifications and is of premium quality.

Clients of Delaware Depository can visit in person to see their accumulated bullion accumulation. This provides a tangible experience with your investment, providing peace of mind that precious metals are secure. As this service is not commonly provided by home storage options, selecting an adequate provider for an IRA storage solution is crucial to its success.

Offshore Storage

Individuals enjoy keeping their gold IRA at home as it gives them something tangible they can see and touch, yet this violates IRS regulations, potentially leading to heavy fines or the forfeiture of tax benefits. To remain compliant, precious metals IRAs should be stored with a custodial company that specializes in safely storing precious metal assets – this company can also provide record keeping services as well as administrative duties like record storage; additionally they offer peace of mind by placing assets into safe deposit boxes with 24-hour surveillance as well as private insurance protection for complete peace of mind protection for precious metal assets IRAs.

When selecting a storage provider for your precious metals, be sure to select a company with a strong track record and that adheres to IRS regulations. Doing this will help keep your IRA gold investment secure; otherwise you risk incurring significant financial loss; for instance, one couple who attempted to store their precious metals themselves wound up paying the government over $300,000. It is not advised to go it alone, since such risks can quickly multiply into substantial financial liabilities.

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