Where Can I Store My IRA Gold?

Where can I store my IRA gold

According to IRS regulations, investors in precious metals must work with three entities in order to meet IRS rules: a precious-metals dealer, custodian and depository. Investors who violate storage regulations by keeping IRA gold at home face distribution penalties as well as lose tax benefits.

To protect themselves against these risks, investors should select a reputable company or depository which offers secure storage solutions; some even come equipped with insurance protection for additional peace of mind.

Home Storage

Home storage may seem convenient, but the IRS strictly forbids storing precious metals IRAs at home – doing so could result in heavy fines and forfeiture of tax benefits. Instead, consult a gold IRA company offering hassle-free precious metals storage at an IRS-approved depository; their service fee covers storage, insurance and any additional expenses.

Some companies will even handle transport of your gold from its dealer to the depository for you, saving time and hassle in doing it yourself. Be wary, however, as fees may differ significantly.

Avoid these fees altogether by purchasing precious metals outside an IRA. A trusted dealer like Goldco will allow you to invest in an array of coins and bars. Just remember that gains realized will be subject to normal income tax rates unless qualifying for Roth or SEP IRA withdrawal.

Bank-Safe Deposit Boxes

Banks offer safe deposit boxes as a viable solution, offering the ideal compromise between cost and security. Staffed by trained professionals with expertise in storing bullion, these facilities typically feature round-the-clock surveillance and alarm systems and may offer insurance protection against theft or other forms of damage to protect IRA gold assets from being lost or stolen.

But because most homeowner policies do not cover gold investments or may only have low limits, replacing your precious metals may be costly and it’s crucial that you speak to your insurer about adding an “personal articles” policy which covers them.

Gold IRA dealers generally provide secure storage vaults to their clients, equipped with alarm systems, video surveillance and controlled access regulations for professional storage needs. Furthermore, these vaults are insured through an established insurance provider to reduce risks and costs further.

Vault Storage

Have you seen ads offering home storage gold IRAs or free safes for precious metals? However, these advertisements could either be misleading or illegal – the IRS only permits precious metals to be stored with approved banks or trustees.

Vaults designed to store IRA gold must meet stringent federal requirements by offering strong security measures and professional inventory management, along with insurance protection for your precious metals. However, this option comes at higher fees than keeping them at home or in a bank safe deposit box.

No matter where you store your precious metals, it is crucial that you select a custodian with experience managing IRAs and has an outstanding track record within the industry. To do this, conduct research or work with an intermediary that already has multiple relationships with custodians.


All IRA assets must be managed by an approved custodian, so any companies purporting to offer home storage gold IRAs should be avoided as this is a fraudulent scam. Instead, consider working with companies that partner with bullion depositories, who can keep your precious metals safer than when stored at home.

A trustworthy precious metals IRA custodian will assist with organizing paperwork for transactions and meeting reporting regulations, in addition to offering the best buyback offers on gold coins and bars.

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