Where Should I Keep My Gold and Silver?

Where you store your gold and silver is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make. Your bullion should be easily accessible while remaining secure – only you and trusted confidantes should know where its location.

Home storage can be convenient, but it comes with risks. Most homeowner insurance policies don’t typically cover precious metals.


Some investors opt to store their gold and silver at home, in a safe or secret hiding spot. Although this approach often proves less costly than alternatives, it comes with certain risks and limitations that must be considered carefully before choosing this path.

As burglary can damage your investment, it is wise to tell as few people as possible where you keep precious metals at home. Otherwise, this could force you to pay extra on homeowners insurance policies since these valuables won’t be covered without an individual rider policy.

As families often switch homes, storing gold and silver at multiple addresses can be costly in terms of time, energy and money. Furthermore, selling it quickly may prove challenging – unlike depository warehouses which provide secure vaults and are insured against theft and natural disaster. Many are located in Switzerland due to its investor-friendly laws and data privacy measures.


Gold and silver bullion investments are highly secure investments, yet require secure storage to ensure they stay that way. While some investors choose to store bullion at home due to theft or fire risks, most standard homeowners’ policies do not cover gold or silver investments.

Banks offer safe deposit boxes, though these can be costly and require prior notification of accessing them. Furthermore, these institutions only operate during regular business hours.

Purchase precious metals from dealers that provide storage solutions backed by professional vaults located in some of the safest jurisdictions worldwide, like Switzerland (known for its stable politics and strong investor-friendly data privacy laws). Doing this ensures your precious metals will always be available when selling or taking delivery – including hedge against political instability. Furthermore, these facilities ensure every ounce is allocated and physically present within their facilities at all times – for an enhanced purchasing experience.

Depository or Vault

If you prefer not to keep your precious metals at home or bank safety deposit boxes, private depository options provide secure storage with 24-hour access and can offer greater service and security than either home storage or most safe deposit boxes can. They have become increasingly popular as more people opt for them over banks or even most safe deposit boxes.

One drawback of this option is that you must invest in a high-quality vault at home, as well as moisture control products to safeguard it. Also keep in mind that not all homeowners insurance policies cover precious metals; many require separate riders.

Investment in precious metals should not be taken lightly and requires a well-thought out and secure storage plan for your bullion investments. Unfortunately, some depository facilities may play games with your assets by employing pooled accounts and unallocated storage, or by rehypothecating client holdings – none of these tactics are employed at Money Metals.

Private Storage

Home storage may seem like the perfect option if you have an abundance of gold bullion to store, but keep in mind that with this method you are not protected against fires, floods or natural disasters; your precious metals also won’t be covered under most homeowners or renters policies which don’t cover them either.

Additionally, bank safe deposit boxes have limited hours of accessibility and require advance notice to open. Bank security isn’t always reliable either – instances of theft and burglaries have taken place within banks themselves.

Private storage offers an option for those storing large amounts of gold and silver at a secure, professional facility. Such facilities feature vaults with secure doors, full coverage insurance policies and fast resale services; however, these services tend to be more costly than keeping bullion at home or with banks. Any company chosen should also impose stringent privacy rules to protect your precious bullion assets.

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