Where Should I Keep My Gold and Silver?

Where should I keep my gold and silver

Your precious metals should be secured in an insured storage facility or depository that offers 24-hour monitoring and security services.

Some investors prefer in-home storage because it gives them direct access to their bullion, yet for most this option is impractical due to limited space or security concerns.


Gold and silver investments are one of the best ways to safeguard your savings, but you need to ensure they’re stored safely when it’s time. Luckily, there are several offshore storage locations with superior security standards.

Switzerland is an increasingly popular choice among investors looking to store precious metals. Due to its longstanding neutrality and political stability, it makes an excellent location for storing physical gold and silver bars. Furthermore, Switzerland’s banking system is known for providing unparalleled security measures and privacy policies for investors storing physical gold or silver bars there.

Switzerland provides another benefit of storing gold and silver: easy transportation across the globe. However, keep in mind that Swiss law mandates all precious metals sold or stored there be accompanied by a certificate from an assayer or smelter to reduce any risk of counterfeit or low-quality precious metals being purchased or stored there.


Gold and silver provide many people with financial security. Investing in precious metals provides tangible protection from inflation or prolonged periods of economic or geopolitical unpredictability, but can be vulnerable to government intervention if stored improperly.

Therefore, it is vitally important that your precious metals be stored in a country which places a premium on privacy and financial freedom. Your vault should provide multiple storage locations as well as a reliable transportation infrastructure so your metals can move in and out with ease.

Singapore may be an attractive option for storing metals. Its private vaults are more advanced than those found in Switzerland, offering innovative services like online access to precious metals. Furthermore, Singapore boasts an ecosystem for buying, selling and swapping bullion products making it an attractive place to store precious metals.

United Kingdom

Gold bullion can be easily obtained in many countries around the world, yet knowing where and how to store it can be challenging. There are several well-known dealers and mints in the United Kingdom which serve both local and international clients; furthermore, offshore storage facilities in Britain provide investors with safe haven for precious metal investments.

Gold and silver should always be stored safely, but only in an authorized third-party depository that is specifically paid to do just one job: protect it.

The London Bullion Market (LBMA) is a wholesale over-the-counter market that trades physical gold and silver. LBMA members include some of the world’s premier dealers and refiners of physical bullion; thus making the LBMA an invaluable source of quality bullion worldwide.

United States

U.S. residents have several storage options for physical gold and silver bullion. Your ideal option depends on what types of bullion you own, your lifestyle choices and risk tolerance level.

At-Home Safes: Keeping your bullion at home gives you the advantage of always being within easy reach, and allows you to see and hold it. However, protecting it against theft or other hazards may prove challenging; your bullion could even be vulnerable to humidity-induced damage, fluctuating temperatures or theft attempts. Also important: check whether or not your homeowner’s policy covers these precious metals!

Depository Storage: Professional depository facilities offer professional depository storage to safeguard precious metal investments against theft or natural disaster, with secure vaults, 24-hour surveillance and insurance policies that cover them.

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