Where Should I Store Precious Metals in My House?

Consider several key points when choosing where to store precious metals at your house: security, accessibility and price.

Many people choose to store their precious metals in drawers in their china cabinet at home for added protection and to ensure only they can access the investment. This can provide peace of mind while safeguarding against theft.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe deposit boxes offer a secure way for people who want to store precious metals at home. Ideal for customers with smaller collections, safe deposit boxes help prevent potential thieves from seeing what could otherwise be easily accessible materials. Unfortunately, safe deposit boxes do have their downsides; access may be more challenging as banks may have specific operating hours and require advance notice of when customers can access the boxes.

One drawback of using traditional storage options such as safes is their insufficient protection from fire or flood, plus safes are easily broken into with time and tools. We suggest investing in a secure safe that requires either a combination or digital code to access, then installing it somewhere less accessible. Also be sure to research any bank policies regarding safe deposit boxes before signing any contracts for one of these solutions.


Homeowners who wish to store precious metals securely can benefit from installing a safe in their home. Safes can be secured using combinations or digital codes, making them extremely hard for thieves to break into and providing convenient direct access to precious metals without incurring third party storage fees. They offer ideal solutions for customers seeking independence in accessing precious metals directly.

Another option for safeguarding valuables at home is installing a floor safe in your concrete slab. These safes are usually hidden from view by carpeting and floorboards, making it more difficult for potential prowlers to gain entry. You could also disguise your bullion by hiding it within an artificial rock that looks natural yet is fireproof; or hiding your valuables somewhere such as in trees or under the ground – just make sure something else sets off metal detectors beforehand!

Storage Sheds

Storage sheds provide the perfect place for safekeeping of various items, including precious metals. A storage shed offers customers an efficient yet secure method of keeping precious metals out of sight yet readily accessible. Customers have their choice between wood sheds, plastic sheds, resin sheds and metal ones with vinyl coatings on roof and walls for vinyl coatings for roof storage needs; metal sheds typically require less maintenance since corrosion resistance tends to keep corrosion at bay.

Some individuals prefer storing their metals at home, yet still want easy access. Unfortunately, homes may not provide as much security than bank depository vaults do and standard homeowners’ insurance often does not cover gold and silver purchases.

To counter this problem, some customers choose to spread their valuables around their house in carefully chosen hiding spots. While not the safest solution, this strategy deters thieves by keeping everything out of one location and prevents them from finding everything at once.

Air Tight Containers

An effective way of storing gold is in an airtight container such as a lockable jewelry box or small safe. This keeps metals free from high humidity levels and fluctuating temperatures that could potentially harm them.

Another method is selective storage, where individuals conceal gold around their home in various spots ranging from fish tanks and freezers to even closets and secret compartments. Unfortunately, thieves could easily detect this stash of bullion hidden so strategically.

One of the best methods for storing precious metals is in a bank vault or depository. Depositories offer top-of-the-line security, such as private vaults with 24-hour surveillance cameras and armed security guards, plus theft and natural disaster insurance policies that cover these thefts and disasters. Furthermore, you won’t have to pay premiums and storage fees associated with keeping precious metals at home yourself.

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