Where Should I Store Precious Metals in My House?

Where should I store precious metals in my house

Customers often opt to store their bullion at home. They might do this by placing it somewhere out of the way or concealing it inside the house in an unlikely spot that no one would think to look.

Storage by this method is economical and straightforward; however, there is the risk of theft or loss due to natural disasters like fires, floods, tornadoes and earthquakes.


Bronze can range from moody oil-rubbed hues, gilded surfaces, or verdigris-eyed boldness – it’s an incredibly versatile metal that looks beautiful in nearly every setting.

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As you and your heirs can easily locate it, yet thieves cannot. Avoid obvious spots like fake cookie jars, rocks or books as thieves may become more inclined to steal it once they know that it exists there.


Most investors who invest in silver bullion prefer hiding it away in a safe to avoid theft and protect their investment should something happen such as fire or flooding. You can purchase safes designed specifically for this purpose or create your own hiding places such as false walls or cupboards; in either case it is wise to tell only trusted friends or family where your silver is kept in case an emergency occurs.

Professional storage from a third-party or bank vault may also be an attractive choice, particularly among numismatists as it reduces risk from natural disaster or home invasion. Unfortunately, however, this does mean less immediate access to your metals – you will have to return them for authentication when selling; but when stored this way the risk of confiscation by governments is significantly diminished.


Gold can be an attractive investment choice, particularly for those who wish to diversify their portfolio or hedge against inflation. Storing physical bullion at home may provide convenient storage, although some key considerations should be kept in mind before doing so.

One of the greatest risks when it comes to precious metals storage is theft from someone. Failing to properly hide your bullion could make it easy for thieves to locate; you also must make sure that its storage location is protected from natural disasters.

As little information as possible should be disclosed about where your precious metals are stored at home, ideally with only one confidante to access them in case of emergency. Furthermore, this person should also know your password for your safe to prevent anyone else from stealing any precious metals when you are unavailable.

Other Metals

Many customers prefer holding physical bullion at home due to its convenience and lower storage fees. We suggest investing in a safe for larger collections to protect and keep out of sight their valuables.

An old disused computer tower with ample room can also make for an effective means of storing precious metals – just make sure not to mix tarnished and untarnished metals together, as this may lead to friction or leave marks.

Bank safe deposit boxes are another popular solution, although this limits accessibility and may incur additional storage costs. Plus, this solution does not insure your assets; insurance will have to be purchased separately – also, keep in mind that banks only open during normal business hours; so this might not be suitable if immediate access is desired.

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