Which Bank Should You Open a Roth IRA With?

Which bank is best to open a Roth IRA with

The ideal Roth IRA accounts offer investors plenty of investment choices and resources. When selecting your firm, look for commission-free trading on stocks and ETFs as well as low fees on other investments such as mutual funds, CDs or robo-advisors.

Betterment stands out with its cost-effective investing and financial planning features, including its algorithm that helps set goals and track them over time.

TD Bank

TD Bank bills itself as “America’s Most Convenient Bank”, offering seven-day bank branch access and competitive checking account allowances; it also boasts some attractive savings rates; but that may not always be the case.

TD Bank offers more than banking products; they also provide financial products like credit cards and mortgages, which customers can open accounts online. In addition, there is a mobile app that helps manage money from any location.

TD Bank stands out among America’s premier banks with its superior customer service and convenient branch locations that remain open extended hours, friendly staff members and 24/7 phone support. In addition, the company boasts an innovative online platform and provides 24-hour phone support as part of their offering.


E*TRADE is a premier broker offering new investors an attractive sign-up bonus and competitive options trading fees. Furthermore, this company provides comprehensive educational resources and support options for all kinds of investors.

E*TRADE offers several IRA account options, such as Roth and SEP IRAs, as well as beneficiary IRA accounts to allow investors to save for minors’ futures. Furthermore, unlike many online brokerages that charge annual account fees or minimum deposit requirements for account registration.

Additionally, Capital One Bank offers a premium high-yield savings account and line of credit that allows you to borrow against your investments. Furthermore, its vast selection of pre-built portfolios for mutual funds and ETFs can help diversify your investment strategy, and their streamlined trading platform features zero-commission options for online stock, ETF, and mutual fund trades.


Fidelity offers a self-directed Roth IRA with no account maintenance fees and no minimum deposit requirement, along with various investing tools and educational resources like calculators, explainer articles, personalized quizzes and free educational webinars and events. Customers can submit queries via email, live chat or telephone 24/7.

Fidelity’s Roth IRA provides self-directed investors with a selection of fee-free mutual funds as well as Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, an automated robo-advisor service which invests money based on retirement goals and risk tolerance – with low fees for investing advice services.

Betterment, another popular robo-advisor, allows you to open a Roth IRA without making a minimum deposit. Furthermore, its tools help you determine how much to save each month toward meeting your retirement goals by the target date; its rebalancing algorithms automatically implement tax-saving strategies like harvesting losses and gains; while providing various target-date retirement funds so as to maximize contributions.

Charles Schwab

Schwab offers a comprehensive suite of brokerage products and services. Their Learning Center features articles on key investing topics, and free webinars are offered to current customers. Schwab provides several accounts including traditional, Roth, custodial rollover IRAs; 529 plans; charitable accounts as well as estate/trust accounts.

Schwab does not charge opening or maintenance fees for its IRAs, although trading and some investment advice costs do apply, along with an administrative fee when moving funds between accounts.

Schwab offers a diverse selection of investments, such as stocks, mutual funds, ETFs and CDs. Their robo-advisor, Schwab Intelligent Portfolios can assist in choosing an appropriate mix of assets for your retirement goals and risk tolerance. Furthermore, personalized financial guidance and in-person support at more than 300 locations nationwide is provided as part of its services.

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