Which IRA is Best For Crypto?

Which IRA is best for crypto

Numerous providers provide crypto-focused IRAs, including iTrustCapital and BitIRA – the latter boasts the widest selection of coins/tokens and has $700 million of insurance with mobile apps to protect these investments.

Consider fees and minimums when choosing your crypto IRA provider, and opt for one offering an array of alternatives so that your retirement portfolio doesn’t rely on stocks and bonds alone.


Since cryptocurrency investments are now more mainstream, more investors are considering including them in their retirement plans. One leading provider of crypto IRAs, iTrustCapital offers an intuitive platform for investing in digital assets with low fees – just 1% per cryptocurrency transaction is charged! In addition, cold wallets provide greater security than hot wallets when storing crypto assets.

iTrustCapital makes investing easy, offering access to an array of cryptocurrencies and precious metals with tax advantages similar to traditional IRAs, including deferred and tax-free gains.

Trustpilot and Reddit reviews praise Coinbase for its customer service and user-friendly platform, with low transaction fees and innovative IRA offerings making it an excellent choice for cryptocurrency investors. Furthermore, free online customer support services are provided.


BitIRA is an IRA custodian that allows investors to trade cryptocurrencies and precious metals. Owned by Birch Gold Group, this service seeks to educate American retirement savers about alternative investment options beyond stocks and bonds for retirement savings, providing both security and diversification benefits.

This platform provides an accessible online investment portal as well as in-person consultation with a digital currency expert. In addition, an online performance projection tool shows you how your investments may grow over time using projections that show initial investment amounts net of all transaction fees and costs that may accrue.

BitIRA provides comprehensive digital asset insurance from transit to storage, making it one of the top choices for security as it protects investments from hacks and physical loss. This feature makes BitIRA an exceptional custodian; rarely will you find such comprehensive protection with other IRA custodians.

Regal Assets

Regal Assets is an excellent option for people interested in both precious metals and cryptocurrency investing. Their extensive product offering makes them one of the first companies to allow investors to buy digital currency via an alternative individual retirement account (IRA). Cryptocurrency is a form of money which operates free from government oversight; as a result it has grown increasingly popular due to its security, faster transfer times, and other advantages over traditional money products such as bonds.

Regal’s account executives can assist in transitioning your current retirement plan into a metals and cryptocurrency IRA. Their representatives are available via email, phone and live chat to answer your queries as well as providing you with a complimentary investor kit.

Regal’s customer service is outstanding, boasting an impeccable track record and positive client feedback. Up until 2022, Regal held both an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and AAA with Business Consumer Alliance; however, several customers reported their IRA accounts had not been funded even after paying for them.

Coin IRA

Coin IRA stands out from other providers by providing an expansive selection of crypto investments at a low-cost transaction fee of only 1%, as well as employing an innovative verification process that includes recording ID numbers to guarantee each trade is legitimate and trustworthy.

Further, they provide an outstanding security system and customer service. Furthermore, their experts possess expert knowledge of the cryptocurrency market and can guide your decisions when investing.

Investing in crypto can be an excellent way to diversify your retirement portfolio and protect assets, but it is crucial to conduct proper research and find a provider who meets all of your requirements. When looking for custodians or custodial services, select an established provider with proven investor satisfaction records; additionally look for one who offers multiple investment options, regulation compliance and offers exceptional customer support, including having strong customer service teams ready to answer questions or offer assistance if required.

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