Who is the Custodian of My IRA?

Who is the custodian of my IRA

Custodians are IRS-approved entities that administer and hold assets held in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA). Unlike administrators and facilitators, custodians do not make recommendations or earn fees from clients’ investments; many IRA custodians restrict account holders’ investments solely to traditional assets like stocks and mutual funds.


Custodians are regulated financial institutions that specialize in managing self-directed IRA accounts for clients. To do this successfully, they must offer secure systems and safeguards that protect clients’ personal information as well as understanding investment options available to IRA account holders. Each custodian may charge different fees; to find one suitable to your needs is important.

Administrators and custodians for individual retirement accounts each serve different functions; however, they often work in concert. Administrators generally take care of paperwork and administration tasks while custodians maintain possession of your IRA assets; this may occur between separate entities or within one parent company. When choosing an IRA custodian make sure it offers your desired retirement plan or can accommodate nontraditional investments as part of their services.


Although it can be confusing, it’s essential that individuals understand the distinction between custodian and administrator. Custodians are regulated by the IRS and must hold self-directed IRA assets securely, while administrators act as middlemen between custodians and custodial services to provide tax reporting, quarterly statements, document processing services and compliance services.

When selecting a custodian or administrator, it is crucial that you evaluate their size and expertise with alternative investments. For example, if you plan to purchase rental real estate soon, make sure they offer a team of specialists capable of handling such transactions efficiently as well as promptly answering online and telephone questions about these deals. Moreover, ensure they offer your chosen IRA type!


Custodians and administrators serve as the backbone of your IRA account, taking care to manage paperwork, quarterly statements, IRS compliance services and asset class investments for you. When choosing one for yourself-directed IRA management purposes, do your research beforehand!

An effective custodian should be open about their fees, with an online fee schedule that clearly outlines them. Furthermore, look for companies offering top-tier customer service both online and via telephone.

Some self-directed IRA LLC facilitators are individuals who promote their own investments as promoters for self-directed IRA LLCs. Although these promoters don’t possess the same level of authority as custodians, they may still be unable to answer your investment questions and prevent prohibited transactions that could incur costly IRS audits.

Mutual Funds

Custodian companies provide IRA investors with the necessary infrastructure and technology for managing their retirement investments, offering services such as online account access, transaction facilitation, reporting/documentation as well as fees associated with these facilitated transactions.

Mutual fund companies and insurance companies also serve as IRA custodians, often offering more comprehensive services like quarterly statements, document processing and IRS compliance assistance.

However, they typically won’t permit IRA investments in private investments such as real estate, privately-held businesses and precious metals due to extensive paperwork involved and taxes that might apply (UBTI/UDFI). Such taxes make these investments less appealing to most IRA holders.


Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are tax-advantaged accounts designed to enable individuals to save for retirement with tax savings accounts. Banks, brokerage firms and life insurance companies usually offer them, while investors can also utilize an online investment platform or robo-advisor. Custodians charge various fees associated with managing the assets within an IRA – these may include account maintenance fees, trade commissions or mutual fund loads; it is crucial that investors find an IRA custodian with low fees to protect their savings account!

Additionally, investors should make sure that their custodian provides access to investments of their choosing – for instance real estate or alternative investments such as private equity. The most reliable custodians should offer knowledgeable specialists that are always available online or over the telephone should any questions arise.

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