Why Do You Need an LLC For a Self Directed IRA?

An IRA LLC allows your self-directed IRA to invest in alternative assets like real estate and startups without incurring custodian approval, review fees or transaction charges, creating more freedom, flexibility and potential growth potential for you and your portfolio.

An IRA LLC provides additional protections against prohibited transactions and disqualified parties, although one should bear in mind that an IRA LLC may not always be necessary when investing.


An LLC provides investors in Self Directed IRAs many advantages. The primary one is limited liability protection. Another benefit is pass-through tax treatment which can be advantageous in many investment situations. Finally, asset protection in case a lawsuit or creditor attack against personal assets outside the LLC could occur is another key advantage that an LLC provides.

Owners of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) can utilize LLCs as an avenue for investing in real estate, private equity, crowdfunding projects, private loans and cryptocurrency – although some restrictions must be observed regarding prohibited transactions. It’s advisable to seek legal advice from an attorney familiar with LLC laws and IRA regulations prior to making these investments.

An IRA LLC is an excellent way to add non-traditional investments to a retirement portfolio and give the holder greater checkbook control, eliminating the need for custodianship. However, to be effective the LLC must be properly funded and maintained while being written with adequate provisions to avoid prohibited transactions.


Investing in alternative assets with your self-directed IRA? An LLC could be the ideal vehicle. An LLC gives you access to real estate investments as well as private companies; while its checkbook control makes decision making quick and costs lower.

IRA LLCs can also be used to buy foreclosed property at auction or take quick financial actions such as short- or long-term loans on real estate and automobiles quickly; however, the IRS must review these transactions to ensure that they do not breach its regulations.

An IRA LLC also provides liability protection. Since your IRA owns all the shares in an LLC, creditors cannot go after personal assets or investments outside it if necessary. Furthermore, using an LLC helps maintain tax-deferred status – especially important when investing in real estate!

Checkbook control

LLC structures are highly valued by many investors because they provide asset protection. An LLC’s limited liability can shield its owner’s personal assets from lawsuits or creditor claims, making the LLC an attractive choice when setting up self-directed IRA LLCs. Establishing one requires working with a custodian that supports alternative investments, drafting an operating agreement specific to self-directed IRA LLCs, registering it with state authorities and applying for an EIN number from IRS; or seeking professional guidance of an IRA facilitator or tax attorney so as to set up properly.

Once the IRA/LLC has been established, it’s crucial that funds do not get mixed in with personal accounts and comply with its rules – especially any prohibited transactions or dealings with disqualified parties. Checkbook control allows an easy way of processing investments, writing checks and receiving funds from IRA assets; real estate investments tend to be popular here but other investments such as private company shares, tax liens or precious metals could also be included.


LLCs allow IRA owners to maintain control over their assets while also offering more privacy and confidentiality than traditional IRAs do. This enables a Self-Directed IRA to invest in privately held companies or non-public assets not traded publicly.

An IRA can invest in real estate and private equity through an LLC. However, it is crucial that investors comply with IRS rules and avoid prohibited transactions that include investing with disqualified parties (which can result in penalty taxes as well as losing future tax-deferred growth).

To form an IRA LLC, investors should first consult a Self-Directed IRA Facilitator such as Check Book IRA or IRA Financial. A facilitator can assist them with opening a self-directed IRA custodian and setting up a customized limited liability company (LLC) designed specifically to hold investments from their IRA. They will also assist clients in opening business checking accounts at local banks for their IRA LLCs.

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