Why Do You Need an LLC For a Self Directed IRA?

Why do you need an LLC for a selfdirected IRA

IRA LLCs have become an increasingly popular option for investors looking to take greater control over their retirement investments and are particularly useful when investing in non-traditional or alternative assets. However, it is essential that these structures adhere to IRS guidelines to avoid any commingling or illegal transactions taking place within them.

An IRA LLC is ideal for investments that require frequent transactions, such as real estate or expenses payments. In this article we’ll examine why an IRA LLC should exist as well as how to create one.

1. Limited Liability

Self-Directed IRA investors frequently choose the LLC structure for its asset protection properties. Should any litigation or bankruptcy proceedings ensue, only assets within the LLC would be used – not personal assets owned by account holders themselves.

An LLC provides pass-through taxation and allows for investment diversification without needing custodian approval – two features which make them an excellent option when dealing with real estate and other alternative assets.

Checkbook IRAs (or Self-Directed IRA LLCs), often referred to as self-directed individual retirement accounts (IROs), involve multiple IRA accounts investing directly into an LLC owned by their IRA account holder, who then acts as its non-compensated manager. The LLC acts as a holding company for these assets so the account holder may utilize these funds in future investment ventures without incurring excessive liability risks or seeking more control and privacy than conventional investing avenues provide. This structure may be well suited to investments that involve high levels of liability risk or are tailored towards sophisticated investors seeking greater control or privacy than conventional investing avenues offer.

2. Pass-Through Taxation

An LLC is a fantastic way to invest in alternative assets. When using retirement funds for purchasing real estate or shares in private companies, typically resistance from financial institutions or excessive transaction fees will arise. Under IRS regulations SDIRA owners can utilize an IRA LLC and invest in virtually every alternative investment (except collectibles and life insurance ) allowed.

Utilizing an IRA LLC provides additional checkbook control. Instead of needing approval from your custodian for expenses or contracts, an IRA LLC owner can serve as manager of their entity and has full signing authority over the LLC business checking account.

The ability to make quick investments at any moment provides the IRA with greater flexibility in making investments quickly, as well as purchasing foreclosed properties or flipping real estate without waiting on approval by their custodian.

3. Pooling of Funds

Self-directed IRA owners will often choose to form an LLC to purchase alternative assets, such as real estate investments. A single member LLC allows an IRA owner to quickly take action on investment opportunities while also reducing property management fees.

Use of an IRA LLC can also enable investors to take advantage of economies of scale. When faced with an investment opportunity that exceeds his or her balance in an IRA, an investor can pool funds with other investors in order to purchase it more cost effectively and gain access to opportunities otherwise unavailable to individual investors. This reduces transaction fees as well as provides greater investment options that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

IRA Financial Trust can assist your SDIRA with forming an LLC by securing a Tax EIN and creating an operating agreement listing it as the manager and owner. Get in touch with us now to see how having your own IRA LLC could expand investment options while providing greater control of checkbook management.

4. Flexibility

An IRA LLC provides flexibility for those who wish to invest in real estate or other non-custodian-approved assets; however, investment professionals and IRA owners must enlist experienced advisers to set up the necessary documents and ensure any transactions won’t breach IRS rules.

Self Directed IRA LLCs can be organized either as single member companies with your SDIRA as sole shareholder or multi-owner structures with multiple IRAs owning shares in the LLC. This structure gives your SDIRA more checkbook control while opening up additional investment possibilities.

Some popular investment options include residential and commercial real estate, raw land ranging from single-family to multi-family dwellings, contract for sale and lease options, as well as using an IRA LLC with checkbook control to reduce transaction fees while making investment decisions faster without waiting for custodians to issue checks.

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