Why Do You Need an LLC for a Self-Directed IRA?

An LLC can protect and lower processing fees associated with Self-Directed IRA investments, as well as prevent prohibited transactions and any possible comingling between personal funds and the IRA’s investments.

An IRA owned LLC provides clients with access to alternative investments, including real estate and private businesses. Many clients use this structure when purchasing complex assets like apartments or land.

Limited Liability

LLC structures offer protection when investing your IRA funds into alternative assets, since an IRA LLC acts as its own tax entity independent from that of its account holder’s personal taxes.

An IRA LLC may generate unrelated business income, with only its net income subject to taxes. An annual tax return filing by an IRA LLC is optional but encouraged.

Bypassing their custodian, using an IRA LLC gives its owner full checkbook control by streamlining transactions by eliminating time spent waiting for paperwork or electronic communication to complete. This can speed up investments when dealing with complex assets like real estate or when time-sensitive deals need to be executed quickly; making this structure suitable for SDIRAs investing in single-family homes to multi-family houses to raw land spanning single to multi-family dwellings to building lots and vacation properties and also alternative investments like loans venture capital regulations D hedges non traded reits and precious metals investments.

Tax-Advantaged Investments

An LLC provides IRAs with a tax-deferred environment in which to invest in alternative assets, including real estate. An IRA LLC purchase allows portfolio diversification during turbulent markets while simultaneously purchasing land or buildings that could later become rental property.

LLCs are considered pass-through entities for federal and state income tax purposes. As such, all taxable gains and losses accrue to the owner – in this instance a Self-Directed IRA account holder.

Real estate investors often prefer an IRA/LLC structure because it gives them signing control for contracts and access to an LLC business checking account, saving on administrative fees while speeding up investments and responding quickly to changing market conditions. It should be remembered, though, that an IRA LLC still cannot invest in life insurance policies, collectibles (artwork, stamps or jewelry), rare coins of undetermined purity (such as coins of an IRA LLC cannot do this either), alcohol beverages etc.

Checkbook Control

Single-member LLCs allow IRA owners to self-direct investment activities without going through their custodian, providing more direct control of your IRA assets and can be especially useful when making alternative investments such as real estate or private equity. When considering using this form of investing, however, always consult your accountant or tax professional beforehand to ensure proper structure and accounting practices are in place.

As having this level of control is immensely advantageous to clients, allowing them to invest quickly and confidently in their retirement funds, it should not be forgotten that with great power comes great responsibility: an IRA LLC still needs to comply with IRS rules regarding prohibited transactions and self-dealing; additionally an owner must file IRS Form 1065 annually reporting income generated from their LLC; finally no investments should be made in life insurance policies, collectibles or with disqualified individuals.


Real estate investors who seek more control of their investments often turn to an IRA/LLC as a solution. Such entities allow for arms-length transactions as well as access to an LLC business checking account to more efficiently fund assets and expenses; however, these structures still must adhere to IRS rules which prohibit engaging in prohibited transactions with disqualified persons.

Addition of an LLC into a Self-Directed IRA can also facilitate joint ventures with non-IRA entities that want to invest in real estate or private equity opportunities. As this arrangement can be complicated, we recommend consulting a tax or legal professional before moving ahead with it.

IRA LLCs provide an ideal vehicle for holding alternative assets like real estate and private equity, while simultaneously adding significant benefits to your retirement savings. If you’re ready to take advantage of all that Self-Directed IRA has to offer, contact us for more information on creating an IRA LLC with checkbook control today.

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