Why Do You Need an LLC For a Self Directed IRA?

An LLC owned by your IRA provides you with more control of your retirement funds and allows access to investments not available through custodians. However, this requires careful preparation and assistance from trusted professionals.

IRA LLCs are widely utilized as real estate investments; however, they can also be used to purchase private mortgages, notes, tax liens and foreign/domestic real estate investments.

Control over Your Retirement Funds

As long as you comply with IRS rules regarding prohibited transactions and disqualified persons, forming an LLC to purchase real estate or non-traditional investments can be extremely advantageous. While you can buy property directly through a self-directed IRA account, this process is more complicated and could potentially rob you of some tax advantages.

Once your LLC is established, it can open a business checking account to oversee funds that pass through it and manage them effectively. This gives you greater checkbook control while eliminating transaction fees and processing delays associated with direct purchases from self-directed IRA custodians.

An LLC also adds another level of privacy, protecting you from having your name and SDIRA account number appear on documents related to real estate purchases or investments that require more privacy, such as certain precious metals coins/bullion of insufficient purity or alcohol beverages.

Tax-Free Investments

If you wish to invest in real estate transactions which require extensive hands-on involvement, LLC is an ideal structure as this enables you to oversee each step without needing an intermediary each step of the way.

An LLC provides similar tax-sheltered status as an IRA while placing you in charge of investment activities. Sometimes known as “checkbook control LLCs”, LLC bank accounts allow owners to write checks directly for investments such as property or other assets purchased via checks directly drawn on them from within their LLC bank accounts.

An LLC can also be used to hold non-real estate investments, such as private equity or other forms of assets that do not typically pass through custodianship, like non-real estate investments such as private equity. You should take care not to violate IRS regulations regarding prohibited transactions or disqualified persons when investing outside your IRA – it’s always wise to consult a professional before making such investments and ensure your IRA complies with IRS rules.


LLCs provide several advantages that are helpful for Self-Directed IRA investors, such as increased control, lower costs and greater flexibility. An LLC also allows a person to quickly access assets by writing checks directly to it for expenses such as property management fees or repairs, which is especially advantageous in real estate investments where funds may need to be made available more rapidly.

Self-directed IRA LLCs may also provide tax benefits as the IRS treats them as pass-through entities – meaning income is taxed at individual rather than corporate levels. If you’re curious about investing with one, work with a trusted financial advisor – SmartAsset’s free tool matches you up with pre-screened advisors in your area who can assist. Once connected with them, interview your potential advisor matches for free to determine whether they’re right for you – discover more now!


LLCs are an effective way for Self-Directed IRA owners to invest in real estate, private debt and other alternative assets, giving them more control of their finances and increasing “checkbook control”.

An LLC structure offers the IRA owner liability protection in case their investment fails, while shielding personal assets from claims made against it.

One reason IRA investors use LLCs for investments is because partnering with LLCs makes transactions simpler – this is particularly relevant in real estate investments where multiple non-IRA investors often partner with an IRA to complete deals.

An LLC allows its partners to sign contracts in their individual names rather than those of an IRA, making real estate deals simpler. Furthermore, an LLC makes opening bank accounts simpler as its name can simply be listed instead of that of an IRA on bank account applications.

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