Why Does My IRA Have a Custodian?

Self-directed IRA custodians facilitate IRS approved alternative asset investments at the direction of their holders. These include real estate, private equity, cryptocurrency and note/loans among many others.

Selecting an IRA custodian that meets all your retirement account needs is of utmost importance. When researching potential service providers, look for transparent billing and invoices, multiple investment options available and knowledgeable specialists available both over the phone and online.


Your IRA requires a custodian to track and safeguard its assets. Usually these are large and reputable firms approved by the IRS. While custodians don’t offer investment advice directly, they facilitate transactions at your direction based on specific instructions from you – for example if investing in alternative assets like real estate requires legal compliance verification; regular financial valuations would also be conducted within your account by custodial firms.

When selecting a custodian, it is essential that you consider factors like investment options, fees and customer service. A custodian should be transparent in their fees – including transaction fees for investing, maintenance costs and various other costs – and should provide timely responses to questions about alternative assets that can often be hard to value and manage. In these instances, fast answers from a custodian is crucial in order for you to make decisions more quickly and make informed choices.


Custodians maintain records for your IRA, such as investment documents, quarterly statements and compliance services with IRS. Furthermore, they facilitate transactions based on your direction – an indispensable service in self-directed retirement accounts (SDIRAs).

When selecting a custodian, be sure they possess in-depth knowledge of alternative investments like real estate, private equity, precious metals, notes/loans or cryptocurrency as well as their rules and regulations.

A good custodian should be forthcoming about fees. Request their fee schedule and explain their calculations; also look for customer service models that provide respect and respond quickly to questions from you.

Forge Trust Co. meets all the minimum IRS standards for custodianship of self-directed IRAs, such as being state chartered trust company regulated by South Dakota Division of Banking.


If you plan to invest in alternative assets such as real estate, private equity, precious metals and notes/loans, it is wise to select a custodian who specializes in them and can answer any queries that arise regarding these types of investments. Furthermore, they should provide educational materials so as to help make the process clear.

Selecting an IRA custodian carefully is vital as different service providers charge various fees, such as annual account maintenance fees or loads and commissions for certain mutual funds.

A good IRA custodian can work with you to keep your investments safe and compliant, being aware of any regulations related to alternative investment classes like real estate or mortgage notes; having strong internal controls to detect fraud or mismanagement; as well as adhering to strict banking regulations set by the government in order to protect the safety of your funds.


Custodians for individual retirement accounts typically charge fees, such as annual account maintenance fees and loads (commissions charged when trading). It’s essential that you research each custodian’s fee structure thoroughly to understand exactly what they charge you for.

If you plan on investing in alternative assets like real estate, cryptocurrency or precious metals, it is crucial that your custodian have experience processing transactions for these types of investments. Make sure they have an expert team in place dedicated to handling this type of portfolio management.

Clients frequently express displeasure with custodians for self-directed retirement accounts due to a lack of industry knowledge. Be sure to inquire as to whether there are knowledgeable experts online or by phone who can answer any queries that arise; additionally, it may be beneficial to find out whether the custodian has staff who have received training in managing an SDIRA.

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