Why Storing Gold at Home Is Not a Good Idea

Home storage of gold allows you to avoid third-party fees or insurance premiums and provides direct physical access.

But is purchasing and storing gold at home really the answer for you? Here are a few reasons why it may not be.


Many people prefer to bury their gold at home, and there are various methods available for doing this. However, the key factor should always be making sure no one can find it; to prevent that happening, consider burying it at least four feet deep with something metal on top to thwart metal detector users from discovering your stash.

Consider also that telling only trusted individuals of your plans to conceal gold at home. Doing this reduces the chance that someone could steal it if they hear about your plan.

Additionally, having children around could tempt them to try and steal it from you. Storing gold safely at home may be beneficial; however, large quantities should not be stored here.


Gold is a precious metal that doesn’t react with oxygen readily, which explains why coins and bars dating back 2,000 years still appear like pure gold today. But like any metal, its durability cannot be taken for granted – it does eventually wear down over time.

Gold can be damaged by many things, including water. Therefore, it’s essential that it’s kept safe from moisture by keeping it stored away in an airtight environment. Furthermore, as gold is soft metal it could come into contact with other jewellery pieces and become damaged – experts advise keeping each piece separately stored when not wearing it.

It is best to inform as few people as possible where your gold is kept, as your home may not provide as much security than depository or bank vaults and it can be easy for burglars to spot your stash of bullion. Furthermore, many standard homeowners’ policies don’t cover jewelry or valuables which could result in significant financial loss if lost or stolen.


Home storage of gold may be the least costly option, but it has its drawbacks. Chief among them: breaking the one-confidant rule. Depending on how you store it, your bullion could become accessible by anyone other than yourself: family members, friends, housemates, neighbors and cleaners as well as insurance agents or repairmen from nearby shops where it was bought; personnel at bullion shops where it was purchased (if applicable) or companies who supplied safes for storage ( if used).

Gold stored at home can also be vulnerable to fire, flood and other natural disasters that can quickly wipe away wealth in an instant. Burglary can be another risk; even the safest hiding spots are susceptible to determined thieves gaining entry and some standard homeowner policies don’t cover precious metal losses without an additonal special rider policy. Keeping gold at home also makes selling it quickly more challenging if needed for any reason at any given moment.


Gold bullion is considered an excellent investment because its value will appreciate over time, especially if stored at home. Furthermore, it provides easy access to wealth if desired by those seeking quick and convenient wealth. Unfortunately, however, keeping gold at home requires significant security efforts as well as cost.

Many investors prefer to store their gold in secure vaults that provide more reliable security than storing in their home, although such solutions may be costly. Such storage solutions protect precious metals from theft and damage while satisfying any applicable tax obligations.

For optimal gold purchasing experience, visit a reliable physical gold store that provides various purchasing, storage, and insurance options. It is also essential to find stores which have been verified as legitimate by organizations such as Better Business Bureau.

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