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Having been in business since 1997, Lear Capital has stood by its promise to help customers diversify their portfolio with rare coins, bullion, platinum, silver, gold, and the palladium-backed IRA accounts. Other than establishing precious metal IRA accounts for its clients, Lear Capital also directly retails precious metals and buys gold and silver from retail sellers. They claim to help both experienced investors and ordinary people in diversifying their retirement against global volatility.



According to their site, once you open a Lear Capital account, the company provides you with a personal account representative to help you understand the cost and the entire process before
you purchase. Also, the agent provides you a real-time investment relationship. With this relationship, you will receive excellent market insights, data and current news on precious metals that could influence your investment decisions. Customers have access to an email price notification feature and custom coin search feature among other benefits.

With more than $2 billion in trusted transactions so far, Lear Capital boasts as being America’s most popular metal investment dealer due to its several benefits to the customer and how easy it
is to open and manage an account. After a 10-minute application process with the assistance of a team member, your account can be live in 24 hours. From here the company contacts your IRA custodian to roll over a portion of or all of the money held. At the end of this rollover, you will own whatever precious metals added to your account. On maturity, you can take physical possession of the metals or liquidate them for cash.


The cost of Lear Capital

Gold coins costs $455-$1,353
Silver coins costs $18 – $14,000
Premium coins have varying costs

To buy these, Lear Capital accepts cash, personal checks, money orders, credit cards, cashier’s checks, and wire transfer. Once the payment is received, shipment is guaranteed within 15-17
business days. Any gold orders above $10,000 get free shipping. Lear Capital has no minimum investment requirement, though every customer is required to pay a $160 annually for storing the precious metals, insurance and for financial statements. Apart from this fee, the transaction fees vary depending on factors like quantity purchased, rarity, uniqueness, the size of the coins among other factors.



Within 30 days of rolling over your existing IRA account, Lear Capital guarantees the price of your precious metal. They will adjust the value of your IRA to the market value in the case of the price drops within this period. This may be true since out of al the customer complaints, there is none about a breach of this price guarantee certificate.


Customer reviews

Lear Capital has great customer service. With 38 closed customer complaints on the Better Business
Bureau site, the company is showing positive customer support. Most of these referenced difficulties reaching a support staff, but all these were responded to satisfactorily. There are, however, complaints of a rip off, where customers complain of being charged about 40% in fees for a rollover of their IRA, with scanty details on the receipt. Customers have to press the company for the full details to be released.


How does Lear Capital compare to the competition?

Having been in business for two decades, Lear Capital has proven its tenacity in the market in dealing in precious metals. Even though so many companies offer the same services as Lear Capital, this company is a smart investment option.


Precious metal volatility

Commercials have portrayed investment in precious metals as the sure thing; however, it is not the truth. Just like any other investment, these metals also experience their form of volatility. For example, in 2015, gold hit an all-time low. And if the predictions come true, in the next 15 or so months, gold will hit a record high. This shows that even though precious metals are not tied to the stock market, in a couple of years, they can undergo significant price fluctuations.


Phone number:  (800) 576-9355

Website:  https://www.learcapital.com


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