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(This review was updated in July 2024)

In the myriad of financial investment advertisements, those by Rosland Capital are some of the most eye-catching. If you are thinking about opening a precious metals IRA account with Rosland Capital, you need to determine whether this company is trustworthy. There are so many frauds, and you can never be sure whom you trust with your hard-earned money. This Rosland Capital review takes a close look at the company to determine whether it should be your investment partner or not.

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An overview of Rosland Capital

Marin Aleksov, the CEO and founder of the company, is a twenty years veteran in the world of precious metals. He worked in other industry firms and rose to the Vice President position. Marin later founded the company and co-wrote an educational resource, Rosland Capital Guide to Gold in the year 2015. Since then, we have witnessed many commercials promoting the company.

Rosland has been endorsed by some celebrities like Bill O’Reilly, and William Devane. William Devane has been particularly vocal, appearing on numerous Rosland Capital Commercials.

Rosland Capital is a company that buys and sells precious metals in physical form but also offers precious metal IRAs for their clients. They also have the traditional financial management for those who are not willing to invest in precious metals. The main metals they deal with are gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. Their core principles include quality information, high-quality service and products.

The Rosland Capital headquaters is located in Los Angeles, California and according to their website, they have employed over 70 people. Moreover, the company has managed to expand its business to Asia and Europe through affiliated companies. In the year 2014, they opened their office in London, United Kingdom, and later opened another one in Germany. They named the office in Germany as Rosland GmbH. Today, they are present in Hong Kong.


Products and services offered by Rosland Capital

The company offers many precious metals in the form of bullions, bars and premium coins. The coins are available in silver, gold, palladium, platinum and other precious metals. Rosland has been working with many companies such as the Canadian Mint, the USA Mint, PAMP and many other respected companies to provide pure fine silver and gold bars, bullion and premium coins.

Rosland Capital also collaborates with many organizations to offer exclusive coin lines commemorating organizations, events and charity efforts. The company collaborated with Fisher House to release the $5 Fisher House coin, which they released in the year 2014. They used a portion of the profitto help families of the veterans and to support the service members receiving healthcare.

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The company is still the sole distributor of Formula 1 Coin Collection. The coins commemorate Formula 1 circuits, races and drivers. If you want to celebrate the prestigious motor vehicle racing events, you can buy the offered silver and gold coins for the Grand Prix and the year 2017 circuit. For people who want to commemorate the career of Ayrton Senna, Rosland Capital has a coin for that, which they made after collaborating with Senna Institute. The proceeds from this collaboration support the foundation and help care for the children in Brazil. During Williams Racing team’s 40th anniversary, Rosland Capital partnered with them to produce gold and silver coins.


Rosland Capital metal-backed IRAs

Rosland Capital provides various IRAs backed with precious metals. The IRA comes in the form of self-directed retirement account, which the company backs with physical gold, silver and some other metals. The government has approved the precious metal IRAs and many people are taking advantage of these accounts to save for their future.

By using silver and gold to diversify your retirement portfolio, you will be able to keep your assets safe during the turbulent times – you will avoid the volatility of the stock market or the weakening of currencies. The precious metal-backed IRA offers similar benefits to those of the traditional IRAs and protects you against inflation.

Due to the ever-increasing demand for gold and silver, the value is expecting to increase over time. Many people are believed to have lost a large portion of their savings during the Great Recession because paper assets lost value. That is unlikely to happen with precious metal-backed IRAs because the metals retain their value and paper cannot match their security if the economy moves downwards. By diversifying portfolios, you will be sure that your retirement savings are safe.


Precious Metal IRA Pricing

  • Initial setup fees: $50
  • Annual administration fees: $75
  • Annual storage fees: $150

Preferred custodian: Equity Institutional

Prefered Depository: Delaware Depository


Getting started with a precious metals IRA

After calling Rosland Capital, their representative will explain to you how the gold IRA rollover works. If you decide to open an precious metal IRA account, they will mail you forms from the IRA administrators, Equity Institutional, and the Rosland Capital customer agreement.

After you have completed and signed the forms, the representative will open your account and provide you with a list of the available metal-backed IRA options, including gold and silver coins. After Equity has received your funds directly from your account or through the existing IRAs, the representative will work with Equity to ensure that your precious metals are transferred to the Delaware depository, where they will keep it in secure separate storage. After that, Equity Institutional will list you as one of their clients and you will have to pay the necessary storage and administration fees.



The Rosland Buyback Program

After buying the gold coins or bars, you might decide to sell them later. If that happens, there will be no need of finding new buyers, Rosland Capital is always ready to buy back the precious metals or metal-backed IRAs from their customers. They also offer you the option of selling to other people, but that will involve additional commissions and fees.


The Rosland Capital Online presence

Rosland Capital relies on many social media outlets and profiles to share product information, gold news and educational resources with their followers and customers. The company uses these educational platforms too, which they have designed to inform and educate the readers about the precious metal-backed IRA and the opportunities physical gold offers.


Rosland Capital Ratings on Consumer Review Sites



Rosland Capital FAQ


What is the minimum investment?

The recommended minimum investment for the precious metal-backed IRAs is $10,000. You will see many traditional coins of different value on their website. If you need bars, they offer them too at different prices. However, they offer limited choices for the bars.


Can you use the services from any country?

No. On the customer agreement page, the company states that the customers have to make all the payments within the United States and in US dollars.


Can the company deliver the gold you buy to your home?

Yes. For non-IRA purchases Rosland Capital can send the gold you buy to your home. After receiving it, you can store it in your desired location or use it how you want. The shipping takes roughly 14 days. However, some customer complaints show that it might take a longer time.


Is Rosland Capital a scam?

The number of scams on the internet is always increasing, but Rosland Capital is not among them. The fact that this company has survived since the year 2009 is enough proof that it is legit. Moreover, the number of complaints from customers is moderate. Most of the complaints relate to charges that are above the market price for the precious metals, late delivery of the bought metals and hidden commission and fees. Before investing in any company, make sure to read their policies and understand them before you invest to avoid misunderstandings.


What we liked about Rosland Capital


Fast delivery

A great thing about Rosland Capital is the ability to deliver precious metals to clients in 10 working days. This is a lot faster than many other companies that may take as much as 45-60 days to deliver your precious metals. In some cases, delivery is faster when the precious metals are readily available.

Knowledgeable and friendly staff

Their customer representative team is highly educated and friendly . They will help you get the option that matches your asset portfolio. The company representatives are always ready to offer advice

Economist on payroll

The firm has an economist, Jeffrey Nichols, who offers investment advice to the investors. He writes a newsletter that has some sound advice for investors.

Website is easy to navigate and a good resource for investors

The website is straightforward, clear and easy to navigate. Most companies are known to over-design their sites. Plain, simple but informative websites are important in the world of financial assets.

Segregated storage

There are certain precious metals that you can store in your own home, but the government highly regulates others, like bullion. If you invest in bullion or standard precious metal coins, your investment can be stored in segregated storage.


What we didn’t like about Rosland Capital


Bullion Vs Numismatic

There are some clients who claim that representatives misled them into buying numismatic coins instead of standard coins or bullion. Sales people usually get higher commissions when customers buy numismatic coins.

A relatively high number of complaints

Rosland Capital has a rating of A+ from BBB, 4.0 from TrustLink Rating and AAA from BCA. However, these ratings have a relatively high number of complaints compared to the other gold IRA companies on our top 10 list. Most of the complaints are due to high administrative fees and advice to buy the wrong type of coins.

Misleading or one-sided adverts

Another source of complaints is the misleading advertisements. In one advert, the company claims that gold is more stable than paper-based investments and in another the company claims there may be a 60 percent increase in value. These adverts could be seen as misleading considering the volatility of the precious metals market.



The bottom line

Rosland Capital is a good choice for people who want to diversify their retirement portfolio. The history, customer feedback, reviews, industry accreditation, ratings and the friendly representatives show that the company is legit. They offer high-quality services, coins, and their customer representatives are always ready to give you the assistance that you need at any time of the day.

Rosland has been been in business since 2008 and the company offers fast delivery as well as a newsletter by an economist that advises clients on the current trends.

However, there are a few causes of concern. First, the administration fees are relatively high, and the representatives may advise you to buy numismatic coins instead of more stable options like bullion and standard coins. Additionally, their advertisements could be seen misleading or easy to misunderstand. If you are planning to open a precious metal IRA account with Rosland Capital, you should do your due diligence and carefully read their policies to avoid any misunderstandings.




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Rosland Capital









  • Fast delivery
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff
  • Economist on payroll
  • Website easy to navigate


  • More complaints than average
  • One-sided advertisement