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In the myriad of financial investment advertisements, those by Rosland Capital are some of the most eye-catching. If you are thinking about opening a Rosland Capital IRA, you need to determine whether the firm is authentic. There are so many frauds, and you can never be sure whom you trust with your hard-earned money. This Rosland Capital review takes a close look at the company to determine whether it should be your investment partner.



An overview of Rosland Capital

Marin Aleksov founded the company in 2008 after working for 20 years in the precious metal industry. The headquarters is situated in Santa Monica, and the firm mainly deals with the purchase and sale of precious metals. They also have the traditional financial management for those who are not willing to invest in precious metals. The main metals they deal with are silver, gold, palladium, and platinum.

They sell these precious metals as either bullion, standard coins or numismatic coins. The company has been endorsed by some celebrities like William Devane, Gordon Liddy, and Bill O’Reilly. William Devane has been particularly vocal, appearing on numerous Rosland Capital investments.


What Rosland Capital offers

You can open a precious metal IRA when you invest with the firm. This IRA is somewhat different from the traditional IRA because it allows you to buy and sell precious metals. Additionally, they offer customers some special deals when they acquire rare numismatic coins. The premise of their services is that IRAs are better at weathering out inflation than ordinary investments like bonds, stocks or mutual funds.

If you want to make an acquisition, you can contact them for information on the availability of your desired precious metal. They will give you a price based on the availability. Once you approve your purchase, they deliver your silver, platinum or gold in less than two weeks.

Bullion is the most affordable, but it has the greatest restrictions. You are not allowed to store bullion in your home under 1968 Gold Control Act. However, Rosland Capital offers secure storage for bullion and certain types of coins. You can purchase standard coins like the Canadian Maple, Gold Dinar, and Chinese Panda. You can also purchase some numismatic coins that are not affected by the Gold Control Act.


Pros of Rosland Capital


  • Fast delivery

One pro is the ability to deliver precious metals to clients in ten working days. This is a lot faster than other companies that may take as much as 45-60 days to deliver your precious metals. In some cases, delivery is faster when the precious metals are readily available.

  • Economist on payroll

The firm has an economist, Jeffrey Nichols, who offers investment advice to the investors. He writes a newsletter that has some sound advice for investors. An example is some advice that he offers to clients is to invest only 10-15 percent of their assets in precious metals.

  • Low investment amount

You can open a precious metal IRA with Rosland Capital for as low as $1500 and a maximum of $10,000 if you are applying online. The website is also interactive and responsive.


Cons of Rosland Capital


  • Dishonest representatives

There are some disgruntled clients who claim that representatives misled them. The most common complaint is that they were influenced to buy numismatic coins instead of standard coins or bullion. The representatives get higher commissions when they buy numismatic coins.

  • Shared storage

There are certain precious metals that you can store in your own home, but the government highly regulates others, like bullion. If you invest in bullion or standard precious metal coins, your investment can only be stored in the shared storage. Some investors would prefer segregated storage.

  • A relatively high number of complaints

Rosland Capital has a rating of A+ from BBB, 4.0 from TrustLink Rating and AAA from BCA. However, these ratings have a high number of complaints. Most of the complaints are due to high administrative fees and advice to buy the wrong type of coins.

  • Misleading adverts

Another source of complaints is the misleading advertisements. In one advert, the company claims that gold is more stable than paper-based investments and in another, the company claims there may be an even 60 percent increase value. These adverts could be seen as misleading considering the volatility of the precious metals market.




Rosland Capital has been registered since 2008, and the founder is an expert in the precious metal industry. It has some inherent benefits like fast delivery as well as a newsletter by an economist that advises clients on the current trends. The best approach to investing with the company is concentrating on bullion and standard coins that are not as inflated as numismatic coins.

However, there are some causes of concern. First, the administration fees are relatively high, and the representatives can be misleading according to some customers. They may advise you to buy numismatic coins because they get a higher commission instead of more stable options like bullion and standard coins. Additionally, their advertisements can be misleading at times. If you are intent on opening a precious metal IRA with Rosland Capital, you should do your due diligence to ensure you are not misled by any of their adverts or representatives.


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