US Gold Bureau Review

(This review was updated in July 2024)

When looking to invest in something as valuable as precious metals, people understandably want to united states gold bureau reviewbe sure that their investment is as safe as possible. However, finding a gold IRA company that you can be absolutely sure you can trust can be difficult. That’s why in this US Gold Bureau review, we will look at this IRA service provider objectively to analyze all their offered service options to ensure it is a safe and reliable company to handle you investments.

The United States Gold Bureau is a business based in Austin, Texas, and it was established in 2003. Although they underwent a change in ownership in 2009, they have experienced a significant amount of growth which is good to see when looking for a stable place to invest.


About The US Gold Bureau Website

The US Gold Bureau website is informative yet concise, making it easy to get all the information you need. Various useful tabs can be found within the bar of the main menu. Topics such as tips and news for investing, the basics of precious metal buying, and diversification are covered thoroughly. Even those who are new to the game are still able to learn the basics of everything they need to know.

Their main menu includes these tabs:



There are many different products of this precious metal, including American Buffalo, American Eagle, and various International coins that are from countries all over the world.

The international coins have been known to be particularly beneficial investments, such as the Gold Philharmonic, which became one of the highest selling coins in Europe after it was minted in 1989. One of the reasons this was one of the most popular options was because it features the Vienna Musikverein Gold Hall pipe organ.

Here are some of the other coin options available in this category:

  • 1oz Canadian Maple Leaf
  • 1oz Krugerrand (from South Africa)
  • 1oz Kangaroo
  • High Relief (a raised design atop a flat surface, much like a sculpture)
  • Commemorative (the value of these can be widely different, it is simply based on the demand at the sale time)
  • First Spouse (the value of these can also vary greatly)
  • All Gold

Each of these includes an expansive visual display of the range of options for interested parties to browse through and to determine which ones fit their investment portfolio.



Their range of silver coins and bars include:

  • American Eagle
  • American Buffalo
  • America the Beautiful
  • International
  • Private Rounds
  • All Silver



A visual display can be found here to guide visitors on their diamond shopping ventures where they can shop by either shape or color. There are other resources and tools that can be useful to help complete a more detailed analysis.


More Products

This tab consists of everything from platinum and palladium bar to coin products.



US Gold Bureau IRA Services

What is helpful about the US Gold Bureau website is that their “Gold IRA” tab provides a helpful video that works to help clients get started and signed up to receive an information guide on their precious metals’ IRA services.

This site encourages investors to control their financial future themselves through the use of a precious metal IRA. A lot of information is provided with why you would want to go this particular route, but basically it all boils down to the fact that precious metals will always be worth money, as opposed to the government’s financial support, which frankly is constantly waning.


US Gold Bureau Ratings on Consumer Review Sites



The bottom line

While US Gold Bureau still have some problems such as delayed/slow shipping and more customer complaints than most other gold dealers, this company provides high quality service overall and value their customers very highly. During our US Gold Bureau review, we found they are consistently striving to go above and beyond the expectations of their clients. They assist clients as much as possible in their investments to help ensure they are informed throughout the entire process.

Speaking to a Precious Metals Specialist provides a great opportunity to have a step-by-step guide for beginners as they learn the ropes of this type of investing. The resources that the US Gold Bureau have are helpful for both beginners and experienced users alike, and it is refreshing to see a business that puts the needs of their customers first.




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US Gold Bureau









  • More than 15 Years in business
  • A good amount of educational resources on their website
  • A wide range of products


  • Still not Accredited by the BBB
  • Slow/delayed delivery issues
  • Ratings on BBB, Trustlink and TrustPilot below average